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How to Use Social Media to Plan Your Campaign

Social media insights can come in handy when you are planning your promotional campaign. With their help, you can modify your strategy according to the needs and preferences of your targeted audience, get a deeper understanding of these preferences and assure your team and client that you are moving in the right direction.


However, managing the information coming from different social platforms is not easy, and you need to master lots of tools that can help you in getting the job done.


Another thing you need to learn is how to ask the right questions.


To build a strategy that will make you successful you need to pay attention to the patterns of your customers’ behavior, study their reaction to your products, learn how they see your posts, which things they like about you and which ones not so much.


Then based on this data you should adjust your strategy to maximize the things that are getting a positive response and minimize everything that appalls or irritates the people whom you consider to be your targeted audience.


Among the patterns of consumer behavior you need to watch in order to succeed, you should pay attention to the following:


- Purchase consideration;


- Purchase lifecycle;


- Emotional drivers.


With the data provided by the social platforms analytics tools determining these patterns will be extremely easy.


You can also avoid the possible crises and conflict instead of reacting to them when they have already started. That is much better in terms of preserving the brand reputation, and also doesn’t need as much effort.


With social media analytics tools like Facebook insights you can get the information on your customers behavior easily and fast!


We have determined three important steps needed to build a decent strategy for your brand, based on customer insights:


1. Find and connect with opinion leaders and brand advocates


Every niche has its opinion leaders, and their comments – both positive and negative – can have a crucial impact on the popularity and success of your brand.


To get the insights on the influencers, you need to watch the daily posts of the authors you are interested in. You can filter them based on their influence. In Twitter, for example, you can create separate lists for these authors, dividing them by topic they are writing on, for example.


If you learn to understand the opinion leaders in your niche, building a decent strategy will be much easier.


You can also analyze a random group inside of your targeted audience to determine more common patterns and behaviors.


You can see, where are they most active and therefore decide which social platform should be the focus of your social media promotional campaign.


2. Analyze the customers’ behavior


You cannot build a successful strategy without understanding why do your customers make certain decisions, how they see your product and your brand in general, and what motivates them to engage with you or make a purchase.


Here you’ll also need to determine your clients’ purchase lifecycle, learn, whether the customers return to you after making a first purchase and whether they become your devoted customers.


Determining your targeted audience based on age, gender, location, interests and level of education is another important moment.


Learn what they think of your brand lifestyle, products, services and other characteristics. You can also conduct questionnaires to get the feedback.


3. Do the research


Study the product or services your brand offers in order to determine their competitive advantages or disadvantages.


Determine the factors that contribute to its success. Pay attention to the consumers feedback, especially to the negative comments – they can show you the areas where you have some work to do in order to improve the brand’s overall performance.


If you see which characteristics of your products are taken positively by the audience and which ones leads to your brand losing customers, you can make the necessary correction and as a results grow your following, boost your sales and increase the brand awareness.


Remember to always get back to the customers who are unhappy or unsatisfied with your products or services. This way you will show that you care about their opinion and can manage to turn the negative impact the critique makes on your brand, into positive one.


Make sure you use the social media analytics when preparing your marketing strategy – it will greatly increase your chances for success.


Let us know how these tips worked for you, in the comments section below!

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