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How to Promote Your Small Business in Social Media

Life can be hard for small enterprises, and advertising - even more so. Your resources are extremely limited, you cannot hire a professional team of people to manage your social media accounts and run your advertising campaign. Usually you simply have to do everything on your own.


Can you run your own promotional campaign while simultaneously working on other business issues, and still be successful? Of course!


Plenty of poor, small enterprises stopped being poor and, well, small thanks to the successful promotion in social media. And if they were able to enter the competition and succeed, then so can you!


A warning is needed: creating a successful social media campaign will take a lot of time and efforts, if you want it to be truly effective and give you the edge over your competitors, so you can surpass them.


We've prepared a list of tips that will make your chances of success much higher.


So here are six tips you didn't know you needed:


1. Use social media tools to save time and efforts


Social media are huge, and in order for your posts to be noticed, you need to be extremely active - and that means posting on weekends and holidays, too.


Since such amount of work without the rest can make a person go mad, you need to outsource wisely.


The Internet is full of various social media tools that can take care of certain tasks in social media.


For example, you can use Hootsuite and Buffer for scheduling your posts and advance and for posting simultaneously on all of your accounts.


Some of these tools are free, but even those that aren't still are affordable even for small businesses. For example, Drum Up scans the web for you and finds shareable content which you can later use for your social media accounts.


2. Know your readers


Understanding the needs and interests of your targeted audience is a vital skill every social media marketer and every entrepreneur has to learn if he or she wants to commence a truly successful advertising campaign.


Your audience's tastes may depend on their age, gender, location, interests and even their level of education.


Make sure you post the content that resonates with your audience.


Monitor the analytical data to learn which posts get the most engagement, and then modify your strategy accordingly.


Also, make sure your topics stay relevant to your niche - it's crucial to establish yourself as an opinion leader in your industry.


3. Strategize


Even if you spend a hour a week or month developing a content strategy, it will benefit your campaign greatly.


Otherwise you'll lose that exact same hour every day trying to figure out what to post next, where to get new content from. Do the math - planning in advance is obviously much more efficient.


If you need some help with planning, try using Google calendars - this tool has a simple and user-friendly interface, so mastering it shouldn't be a problem for you.


Remember to plan everything except for urgent posts in advance.


4. Share other users' content


While your main strategy should undoubtedly be creating new, valuable and original content, it is also useful to make a repost or two sometimes.


This way, you'll engage with your audience, motivate people to join the discussion and show that you're watching, which can encourage people tag or @mention you more.


And the more you are mentioned - the more massive your brand becomes.


5. Reuse old content


If you have some great photos, videos, inforgaphics or even posts which are still interesting yet are buried under the newer ones and are completely lost, so not be afraid to breathe a new life into them.


Repost your old entries if you consider them valuable and believe they can still be of interest for your targeted audience.


You can freshen them us a bit by adding a new photo to the old post, or by adding several words to the original text.


Look for different ways to express yourself and profit from old yet high-quality content.


6. Comment on the posts you share


If people simply wanted to read this thing you have reposted, they would've gone to the original poster. But by adding as much as several words you can compel your followers and potential buyers to stay with you.


All you need to do is to express your opinion while reposting the text, and keep it as authentic as possible.


Be brave, hardworking, true to your followers and to yourself, and your small business will undoubtedly succeed.


We at YBMG wish you the best of luck!

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