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How to Promote Your Small Business in Social Media

If you are a small business owner, you are well aware how hard can a social media marketing campaign prove when both your time and the resources you can spare for the campaign are extremely scarce.


You do not have huge budgets, you do not have a team of professional marketers and SMM managers at your disposal, and you usually have to work both as a business owner managing thousands of difficult tasks such as sales, logistics etc., and a marketer trying to build a significant Internet presence for your brand, define the targeted audience and engage as many potential customers as possible.


Sometimes you feel completely worn out, and everything you do seems like a Sisyphean labor, a task that can never be finished successfully. Familiar feeling?


If so, we have some pieces of advice for you that can ease your burden and help you succeed in promoting your brand online without dying while trying.


Here are six tips that will help you achieve better results with significantly less effort and in a shorter amount of time:


 1. Accompany your posts with the images


All types of visuals – doesn’t matter if it’s image, infographic or a video – are much more effective way of attracting the potential clients’ attention. That’s mainly because the speed of our brain’s image processing is 60,000 times higher than the speed of the text processing. Use this fact for your advantage.


In order to make your visuals more effective (even though simply by adding the images you are getting 30% better chances to be seen), try adding some text to the pictures. Just remember Facebook will not look kindly on the images where the text takes more than 20% of the image’s area.


You can also add different types of filters to make your images more eye-catching. Try using some free or prepaid online editors.


Upload new filters and fonts regularly to keep your followers, their friends and other potential customers interested.


Sometimes you can share someone else’s images – just don’t get overexcited and remember to state who the author is.


2. Keep your paid content high-quality


Paid ads you can obtain via social media are one of the incredibly effective and at the same time very cheap ways to raise your brand awareness.


It might seem like an old news, but knowing something doesn’t always mean fully realizing it and using it effectively to your benefit. Keeping your ads high-quality is the essential requirement for building a strong marketing campaign.


Sometimes you can feel you cannot keep up with the amount of updates needed in order to guarantee you do not get lost under a pile of other posts in your followers’ news feeds, but that can be helped.


Try using some content curation tools to save time on finding interesting information and keeping your page alive.


3. Create your own content


While sometimes reposting interesting thoughts or videos created by other followers or using the content curation tools like DrumUp is a good idea, you cannot promote your brand and create a strong Internet presence without posting the original content.


Creating unique and interesting content is the best way to establish yourself as an opinion leader in your niche, build a reputation and prove your credibility both to the potential clients and possible business partners.


You need to keep a thorough content calendar, too, to make sure you carefully measure the amounts of the shared content and the original.


That way you can guarantee you have a decent and professional-looking page that your followers will be interesting to read every day.


4. Communicate with your customers


A successful social media marketing strategy requires engagement and communication with your followers. Communication is also an essential requirement for successful building of the online reputation.


Responding to all the feedback you get, including the critique, in a calm, friendly, and helpful manner is a must, however, being present in the comments and supporting the dialog in general is no less important.


You can also introduce different questionnaires and quizzes that will draw attention to your page and at the same time learn more about your followers.


Host live events, share your opinion about the trending topics and news in your niche, and establish yourself as a brand with a human voice.


5. Tell your own stories


Do not forget to post some photos with your employees occasionally. Share your experience. Tell a exciting anecdote.


By doing so, you are allowing your customers to feel certain connection to you, letting them build certain level of trust.


They will be able to relate to you, turning into your loyal customers in time. Make sure you spare some time to talk about your brand’s lifestyle and values.


6. Participate in group conversations


Almost every social media platform has a certain analogue of Facebook groups – LinkedIn has groups, too, just like Google+ does, and you certainly remember about Pinterest’s boards.


To establish a strong presence in your niche, you need to participate in these group conversations actively and eagerly, offering some business advice and establishing yourself as a smart and tough professional.


If you manage to earn a reputation like that, promoting your brand won’t be a problem anymore.


Make sure you use these tips we’ve introduced you to, properly, and your small business will be booming like never before!

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