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How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts With Ease

Nowadays you cannot achieve true success without building and then implementing a strong and efficient social media campaign. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social platform have become the key to establishing a powerful Internet presence and receiving an edge over your competitors.


To be effective, you need to be present - and, mind that, fairly active - on all the main platforms that are relevant to your niche.


This is no easy task, especially taking into account how many of those are there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google plus and YouTube are a must, and Pinterest, Tumblr and Foursquare are optional but pretty useful if you are a local business, for example.


Without a large and qualified team to assist you in managing all those accounts you may find yourself at quite a loss.


However, hiring such a team can prove pretty costly and, even though it's not a problem for a large multinational brand like Coca-Cola, P&G or other global giants, a marketer or a brand that's just beginning its journey it can be unaffordable.


But despair not: Internet offers a huge amounts of online tools that can be even more effective than a professional team and turn managing several social media accounts at once into an easy and painless process.


One of the most effective tools that can help you do it is Hootsuite - a tool designed for brand management which is considered irreplaceable by a number of skilled and professional marketers.


Its main purpose is to help you schedule updates for your accounts in social media in advance. That can prove a great help, especially during the holidays, vacations and the days when you are too busy to burden your mind with the ordinary updates.


Hootsuite supports the following networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google plus.


Let us explain you the advantages of having the Hootsuite help you manage your social media activity:


1. It can be totally free


Right after you sign in for a free Hootsuite account you receive a possibility to choose which of your social profiles will be considered the priority. The choice should be based on the volume of your audience on each of the profiles.


2. Access to all of the functions you need


Via the Hootsuite you can also read your Twitter lists: you gain the access to your personal messages in Facebook and Twitter, too.


You will be able to manage your social media activity without having to log in and switch between your accounts on different social platforms.


3. You can create a priority tab


Priority tab is a tool that allows you to keep track of all the data you need from your accounts: posts, messages, updates from the people you chose to monitor, and so on.


You can even read and take part in discussions in your groups.


4. Awesome paid functions for expanding the possibilities


You can choose between several premium plans Hootsuite offers and add to your profile up to 50 social media accounts.


That can be a real treasure for a business person who's always on the run.


Free version allows you to manage only three social media accounts at once, even though it may be totally enough for a beginner.


5. Data analysis offer


You can also subscribe to the full and comprehensive report on your activities in social media - from likes and shares to the overall engagement.


You can easily add this option to your standard Hootsuite account.


6. Monitor the brand mentions


This feature is more sufficient for such social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, knowing what people think about your brand is crucial in order to be able to change your strategy according to the feedback received.


All you need to do is to set up a tab that will deal with your brand mentions and alert you about everything you need to know.


7. Free apps


Hootsuite has a list of apps, most part of them provided by the third parties, and these apps are totally free. For example, there are Hootsuite streams, which are incredibly useful if you want to learn who's talking about your brand in the web - and which way.


The algorithm of adding the streams is pretty simple: all you need to do is to choose the tab where you want it to appear, then choose Add Stream button. You'll get a basic list of apps right away. If the app you want didn't appear, choose Get More Apps button.


Hootsuite will offer you lots of possibilities that will make managing social accounts easy.


Try it and see for yourself!

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