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How to manage several social media accounts at once

Logging in to each social platform can be pretty painful. Remembering all the passwords, switching between tabs, keeping track on friends’ and colleagues’ activity – does it feel familiar. Would you like to know how to avoid it & still get all the updates and stay in touch?


Below you will find 5 tools and dashboards that will make you forget about these problems.


Save time and stay in touch:


1. Buffer


A dashboard that allows managing all your accounts from one ultimate hub. A great time-saver. Sometimes even a lifesaver.


The tool is convenient, intuitive and supports a wide range of networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


2. SumAll


SumAll collects the data from your accounts on different platforms and offers you a profound analysis. You can check the updates daily by opening the app or simply receive a newsletter weekly or daily. Wide range of networks, too: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr.


3. Feedient 


Collects your data and reroutes it to the app. Updates are uploaded quickly, and you can modify the visuals to your liking. Supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, RSS.


4. SocialHunt 


SocialHunt helps you to connect with the most valued people on Twitter – you can choose a group to be monitored and rest assured you won’t miss any of their updates. Unfortunately, Twitter is the only network supported.


5. SocialCount 


SocialCount aggregates data from your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles and after a thorough analysis provides you with the data on all the shares your profiles, groups, accounts or articles on your website have received.


To conclude:


You don’t need to waste time logging in and out to multiple accounts. Choose any of the aforementioned tools and go ahead, save hours and even days!


- Log in once – yet monitor all the accounts


- Schedule posts to save your time


- Analyze the feedback


- Succeed!

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