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How to Make Your Social Media Marketing Productive

Nowadays every business understands the importance of building an effective presence in social media. However, knowing it and knowing how to achieve it are two separate issues.


Many business blindly dive into the task of social media promotion, put huge resources into it and dedicate a lot of time to posting, sharing and commenting – and yet their posts get very little engagement if any at all.


In order to learn the art of making people engage with your posts and proceed to buying your product, you need to adopt a well-planned strategy that will allow your brand flourish and gain fame and attention in social media.


We at YBMG assembled four simple tips that will help you enhance your posting strategy and make it more effective:


1. Prepare your posts in advance


Both entrepreneurs and marketers are busy people, and yet in order to create valuable presence in social media you need to post consistently.


Which is why preparing some of your posts in advance can prove very useful for the days when you are so overloaded with tasks that you have no time to look up, let alone think of some witty and shareable post for Facebook.


Create some interesting traditions that will help you prepare such posts, like #ThrowbackTuesday or #EducationalMonday.


Tailor each of these posts for different social media – for example, you can tweet a short summary and a link to the whole post in your blog or on Facebook.


2. Use old posts again


You definitely have some photos, videos or posts that is too unique, interesting and shareable not to use again.


And you totally have a right to do it!


While it will probably be unwise to simply repost everything at once, a couple of small corrections – and your posts will be as good as new, ready to bring you new likes, reposts and conversions.


There are different ways to repurpose your existing data:


- Use old photos with new relevant informational posts;


- Tailor your videos for the upcoming events;


- Create #ThrowbackTuesday and remind your followers about some great posts, photos and videos you have posted a while ago.


3. Schedule your posts


That’s another piece of advice for a busy day. Sometimes you are busy or are unavailable, yet your page still needs to be updated.


In such cases you can use different online social media marketing tools that will allow you plan and schedule your posts in advance, automatizing the process.


The most often used ones are HootSuite and Buffer, you can also use Edgar and Sendible. All of them are pretty easy to navigate.


With HootSuite, you can manage up to 3 social media accounts in the free version, and up to 50 in the paid one. Think which one suits you best.


4. Mind the analytics


Almost each social platform has analytics tools which can prove extremely useful for your social media strategy development.


Some data can be very surprising – for example, the platforms where you get most of the traffic from, or your demographics.


With analytical tools, you can also determine the time when your followers are the most active and ready to like, share and participate in discussions.


Another valuable stat is which posts get the most engagement, and which segments of your targeted audience are the most inclined to communicate with you.


Also, among valuable things you can learn from the analytics, are:


- Time visitors stay on your page;


- Bounce rate;


- Amount of sessions;


- The most visited addresses (except for the main page).


Using these tips, you will effectively build a supreme social media strategy that will enable you to be successful and leave your competitors far behind!


Let us know how these tips worked for you, and share your own, in the comments below!

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