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How to Keep Your Accounts in Social Media Safe

The more evolved social media become, the more brands use them to establish a strong Internet presence via them, the more people want to exploit them in an unlawful way.


If you're not careful enough, one day you might find you cannot even access one or, God forbid, all of your brand's accounts in social media, and then realize the whole niche (hopefully not all the world) is in the uproar about something stupid, offensive or just indecent that had appeared on your brand's page.


If this happens one day, it will mean you have fallen victim to the vile hackers because you haven't been attentive and smart enough to prevent that from happening.


And the reputation and good name take ages to restore.


Some damage can even prove unbearable.


Being hacked is the last thing you want to be - and to prevent this from happening you are going to need a strong security strategy.


The ancient used to say that the best defense is a good offense, so here's ten tips that will deliver a preemptive strike to those who may want to use their computer skills to compromise your brand.


Take a quick look:


1. Use different passwords for each of your accounts


That's like alpha and omega of Internet safety. Not only you are not allowed to use one password for all the accounts you are managing, you cannot even use somewhat similar ones.


The reason is simple: if you were inconsiderate enough to do that and then one of your accounts or passwords gets compromised, the culprit can lay hands on all of your data at once.


2. Abstain from the hurtful messages


Do not say things that can make you a target. Avoid targeting race, gender, orientation issues. Make sure you are tolerant and understanding.


And remember that sometimes the best way to win a fight is to abstain from it.


There are fights that cannot be won through the bickering.


3. Use the online tools for storing passwords


Using social media managing tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial for managing your company's passwords.


They are storing the password on the secure VPN server and making sure you are safe.


Make sure you are the only main account manager; you can give your employees the editors rights.


4. Establish the posting plan


Plan how many posts will appear on your account and when, and if the need arises, use the scheduling tools.


That will mean you won't have to do any last-minute posts from the potentially unsafe connections.


5. Use only the safest devices


Using a device that has been infected with a virus or something like that can compromise your security and render all the previous measures useless.


Never log in from the location if you are not 100% sure it is safe.


6. Keep track of people who have access to your accounts


And make sure your employees do not use the unsafe locations or forget to log out when doing some work for the account from the home computer.


Also check so that people who resign or are fired immediately lose access to the account.


That is especially important concerning the employees scorned.


7. Create difficult passwords


Under no circumstances are you allowed to use passwords like QWERTY, 112233, asdf123 and the like of those.


By doing so you are basically inviting hackers to the feast.


Make sure your password contains at least one uppercase letter, digits, a symbol, and the combination seems completely random for everyone but you.


8. Use two-level verification


A difficult password is a good protection measure, but a two-level verification is even more effective.


Add your mobile phone number to your authorization process and sleep safely.


9. Do not store the passwords on your computer


Otherwise if the hacker gets the remote access to your device, he can get access to all of your accounts too and deal the damage unimaginable.


Store you data on a secure VPN server that guarantees you privacy.


With these tips, you are ready to start promoting your brand without fear that someone might ruin your reputation.


Tell us about safety tips you prefer - we always welcome the feedback!

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