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How to Generate Leads Through Social Media

When you are creating a brand's presence in social media, the main goal of your campaign is to generate leads.


That's not only about traffic, new followers, brand awareness and widening your reach - every marketer knows without leads those are important, yet not important enough to call the campaign successful.


And the problem is, out of that list leads are the hardest to get.


If you have launched a social media campaign for your or a client's brand, and the leads the campaign generates are not exactly what you were hoping for, do not despair. You can still alleviate the concerns of your client or supervisors and get the big leads that were expected from the campaign in the first place.


Getting big leads in social media can prove quite a difficult task - more or less so depending on a social platform you are building a presence on. The most popular is Facebook - around 77% of business get their customers through this platform. LinkedIn is also useful - 43% of the marketers were able to find new clients with the help of LinkedIn.


To generate leads through social media, you essentially need two main things, and those are time and strategy. You cannot hope to get everything you wish for without waiting and without thinking, obviously.


But with time and strategy generating leads through social media becomes quite a possible task - the one you can surely perform even with one arm tied behind your back.


Do you want to learn a sufficient strategy that will help you master the leads generation?


Then take a look at these six tips we have prepared for you. With these, your tactics will be unbeatable:


1. Go for mobile


Nowadays most of the users access social media through mobile devices - i.e. their smartphones or tablets. You need to keep that in mind in order to build a working strategy.


In 2016, the number of people using mobile devices to check their pages in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn has reached 71%. That's quite a number, don't you think?


Make sure your posts are easily accessible through smartphones, which means they mustn't bee to long so that people won't have to click on more.


2. Build a budget


You need to know exactly how much money are you ready to spend to advance your advertising strategy.


Knowing your resources and possibilities help you build a reasonable plan, advance the post that need to be advanced.


Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to suffice with organic traffic only, especially on Facebook. Boosting a post or two can prove extremely useful.


3. React to the feedback


Life is hard and nobody is perfect, so prepare yourself - you are going to receive complaints once in a while. That's totally normal.


What is important, is that you do not shy away from the angry customers, ask them what went wrong, and genuinely try to help them in solving the task.


Show your customers you truly care about them.


4. Use conferences and go live


Facebook and YouTube have introduced a lot of new formats allowing you to communicate with your audience live.


Do not miss out on that chance to build a great deal of trust between you and your potential and existing customers.


5. Use email listings


Mailing lists are still important, so do not forget to use your database to reach your targeted audience.


Keep the letters informative and do not resort to spamming.


Also, include all the necessary links to your main website and your company's profiles in social media.


6. Find a good team


You can do it alone, sure, and you can automate lots of things, too, however to achieve true success you will need an eager and dedicated team of coworkers. Try and find these people who will help you to advance your brand!


Make sure you follow all these 6 rules - and you will finally get the big leads you were hoping for.

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