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How to Build a Strong Brand Presence in Social Media

If you are a company that wants to establish a strong social media presence you might find that’s not as easy as it seems from a first glance. It’s a complex task; to successfully establish a social media presence, you have to act through several multiple channels at once.  Your branding must be professional and consistent. You should maintain your brand’s uniqueness and work hard to reach your targeted audience and grow you following and customer network.


But the task becomes even more complex if the company you want to promote in social media owns multiple products or even brands. In that case the stakes are much higher, and the risks of potential failure are huge, too.


That is why you need to enterprise social brand management. Meaning that you create a group of your brands or geographies to compare against each other. That task can be accomplished through social media themselver, but through the RivalIQ program you can manage them all at once.


6 Reasons to do Social Brand Management


1. You receive fast brand audit and get a possibility to measure compliance


2. You can keep consistent and strong cross-brand, cross-geo social profiles, based on best practices in your niche.


3. You get to share best practices on content, engagement and influencer strategy.


4. You are able to track negative comments on social media as soon as they appear and react accordingly.


5. You can learn your overall performance with the help of cross-company social metrics.


6. It will take less time for customers to find what they are looking for on social media.


The main problem of most of the brands is their lack of social branding strategy – they maintain strong social media presence at two largest platforms – Facebook and Twitter, but tend to completely ignore or underdevelop other social media channels.


And that is where the question lies – what channels should your company pay attention to in the first place? Should it be on LinkedIn? Should every employee and brand have a Google+ to help with search results?


Social engagement is one of the most important metrics to target and track. You can measure how comparable your products and brands are in terms of marketing budget, engagement and targeted audience.


With social brand management you can also track your competitors. You can learn what  tricks did they perform to receive higher engagement. It can help you choose and develop best practices that will  bring you excellent results.


Social brand management also helps you make sure you know who is talking about your brands.


In Twitter RivalIQ uses the Twitter Mentions reports. They enable you to quickly understand and analyze each brand’s total potential reach on Twitter based on top influencers.


Another important and often overlooked part of social media strategy is social bios on the networks. You should check, if your brands are making the most of their profiles. Nowadays many users are searching for products, services and companies within the social networks themselves. Google and Bing! lose their influence, which is why social bios are vitally important for your website. 

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