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How to Boost Your Sales With Social Media

Nowadays social media have the power to turn your business into a booming one swiftly and easily, given that you plan a proper strategy and plan all your steps in advance. Without strategy, you are more likely to waste all the immense possibilities that social media are offering your, with no visible effect.


You can boost your sales and revenues with social media by using several simple steps designed to raise your exposure and help you grow your targeted audience, turning people into your loyal customers.


Here are a few tips that will assist you in achieving success through social media:


1. Make sure your content is properly optimized


When you are writing your posts for social media, remember they should be not only unique and high-class, but also properly optimized for search engines.


The proper optimization involves including the main keywords, relevant to your niche. It will raise your visibility in social media search results.


Make sure the ones you are using are high-conversion keywords.


And do not be too blunt in adding the keywords, keeping your message consistent and avoiding annoying your followers.


It is also useful to add visual elements that attract attention: posts with pictures get up to 30% more engagement.


2. Share wisely


Most people don't understand how careful you need to be when posting something on social media.


A simple mistake can ruin everything you've achieved in promoting your brand in social media, in just a one day.


To avoid that, respect your targeted audience. Do not go with the blunt all-out promotion of your items, try to be wiser. Give people relevant and valuable content they can make use of, and don't just throw the blunt sales pitches on to your potential customers.


Share posts that are both fun and educational, and your fans will love you.


3. Work with the feedback


Sometimes user reviews can do more for your business than a month of active campaigning and tons of money spent on promotion.


People tend to believe fellow third-party ordinary buyers, so if you get many positive reviews on your product, new customers are much more likely to buy it.


Do not hesitate to encourage your satisfied buyers to leave the feedback on your goods, this can boost your results greatly.


Near the 88% of users trust the third-party reviews.


4. Don't forget the buttons


In order to increase your following base and then your sales you need to remember to add the sharing widgets everywhere you can: on your main website, in the email listing, in the blog you are running and so on.


If people don't have much time, they will prefer quickly like or share the content they have enjoyed reading. It will expose your posts to their friends, too.


So make sure those sharing buttons are always in reach and easy to see and use.


5. Use the visuals


We have already mentioned that posts with pictures are much better at attracting attention: they get much more engagement than the posts consisting merely of text.


The visuals you are using must be original (if you have a professional photographer in your team, that's the best option). If you don't have the photographer, you can buy photos or even use the free ones published under the Creative Commons license - just make sure they are new and haven't been used by half of your competitors in the niche dozens of times before (copying is bad for the reputation).


If you have some data, you can arrange them into an infographic to increase their visibility and engagement.


6. Communicate with your fans


In order to get your fans love you and bring you the engagement and conversions you need, you have to establish a genuine connection with them.


Which means communication, discussion, reacting to their feedback, liking and sharing their content if it's relevant for you.


There are several ways to connect with your followers:


- To participate in the discussions, join the most popular and active groups and communities in your niche and post some valuable content there;


- Hold contests, create online tests and offline events that will be livestreamed. Use branded hashtags and encourage fans to tweet about the event;


- Connect with opinion leaders and use their influence for promoting your brand and widening your reach.


7. Keep the content relevant


Building a reputation in social media first and foremost requires consistency. Even though posting regular updates is important, quality is much more important than quantity.


Do not post the updates if you have nothing to say.


There's nothing worse than meaningless updates that do little more than fill your fans' news feeds with useless information and annoy your potential customers.


8. Start a blog


In order to establish yourself as an opinion leader in your niche, you need to provide people with unique and useful information, and sometimes Twitter and Facebook are not the best platforms for that.


That is why you need to start a blog for the lengthy yet relevant posts that you cannot publish in other social media.


You can always can - and even must - post the links to your blog posts on all the social platforms you have built a presence on.


9. Let people tweet


Give people the possibility to share the quotes from the blog posts if they find your posts valuable. "Tweet this" option is easy to incorporate yet very useful.


With these nine tips, you will be able to capitalize on your social media strategy, get an edge over your competitors and become successful and recognizable.


Use them and conquer the social media without any effort!

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