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How to Avoid the Most Common Social Media Strategy Mistakes

Most brands have already understood how important is social media for the promotion of the product and building a strong Internet presence. However, not every marketer knows the secrets of creating a proper social media strategy that will allow to attract new followers and widen the brand's reach.


Some of them cannot even properly connect with their followers, because they fail to transmit the message they want to deliver.


How can you avoid repeating their mistakes and create a vast network of followers that will later turn into your loyal customers?


The path to your goal is not easy, but it's also not unreachable. You can and will succeed in promoting your brand in social media if you listen to the simple pieces of advice we are giving you.


There is no doubt social media, especially such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may look huge and difficult to master.


Lots of posts appear every day, and it's truly hard not to get lost among the messages from your competitors.


At times you cannot even be sure your posts are actually reaching the audience they were planned for.


But the main obstacle on your path is insecurity in the ultimate goal of your brand's marketing campaign. You cannot succeed if you are unsure in which direction you are moving. So the first step to successful brand promotion is stating your aim strongly and clearly.


You also need to pay extra attention to other obstacles that may happen on your path and hinder your progress.


The main difficulties that can plague you are:


1. Insufficient knowledge


You cannot control the situation if you don't understand it. Before posting something in social media, make sure you are highly competent in the subject you are writing about.


Otherwise your reputation and you credibility can be easily compromised.


2. Lack of analytical data


If you don't have enough knowledge about the performance of most of your posts, you are unable to grasp whether your strategy is right or needs a substantial modification in order to become successful.


Always keep track of your performance so you know where you stand.


3. Lack of experience in communication


The primary purpose of social platforms is communication, so don't be surprised when both your existing customers and the potential ones will try to reach out to you.


Do not shy away from them - you need to establish the contact with your targeted audience. If you push your followers away, your brand will face much more difficulties on the road to success.


Here are the tips that will help you overcome your fears and avoid making the aforementioned mistakes:


1. Learn to prioritize


The truth may be harsh, and yet it is unavoidable: you can't have all of the customers in the world, and you cannot appeal to all possible demographics, locations, etc. You will end up ending huge resources and failing nevertheless.


Make sure you know who are you appealing to. Choose your targeted audience based on their interests, location, age and gender.


Use Facebook Ads' targeting options to make sure your posts are seen only by people with the potential to become your followers.


Do not waste your money and efforts on those who do not answer your requirements. Reach those who has the needed potential.


2. Make a list of objectives


Define what goals you want to achieve with your social media marketing strategy. Without dividing your ultimate goals into several smaller ones you cannot reach the satisfying result. So take a pen and make that list.


Make sure you focus on the real objectives, not the vanity ones. For example, the amount of likes, however complimenting it may look, gives you literally close to zero results. It doesn't show anything; it doesn't grow your exposure or sales, really.


Which objectives are truly important? Let us see.


- Growing the quality of your audience;


- Growing the number of actual customers;


- Getting more leads and conversions.


Focus on the things that matter, and you'll see your return on investment growing considerably in no time.


3. Assess your posting strategy


Needless to say, everything that you post in social media should be of the highest quality only. Always check the facts, optimize the posts and keep track of the trending topics.


However, your posts being good is not enough for the strategy's success. You also need to make your strategy consistent.


Make sure your posts stay informative and also clearly state the benefits the customer is going to receive if he or she buys your product and not your competitor's.


When preparing to post something, always keep in mind several things:


- What audience is your post directed at?


- What is your brand's lifestyle?


- What values does your brand have?


- What benefits can you offer that your competitor can't?


Once you have answered these questions, your further strategy should be clear for you.


Make sure you are aware of all the possible dangers and obstacles that might await you and are prepared to deal with them.


With our tips avoiding the most usual mistakes brands make in social media should be an easy task for you!

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