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Four Ways To Create a Cheap Yet Effective Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, without social media marketing creating an effective Internet presence is near to impossible, so almost every business tries to pursue it one way or another. Most people desperately try to build a strategy that will make their brand successful, yet end up facing a problem that jeopardizes all their plans.


And that problem is pretty simple - an effective social media marketing campaign usually takes a great deal of money, which a beginner entrepreneur or a young small business is quite unlikely to have.


It might seem you don't have much choice other than pay for SEO or purchasing ads, but that's not exactly true.


There are several low-cost (and sometimes even free) strategies that will make your campaign effective in no time!


We are glad to offer you four strategies that will allow you to promote your business and create meaningful Internet presence in no time:


1. Start a blog


There is a way to gain new followers and therefore maximize your returns from the marketing campaign without actually running a marketing campaign. In order to widen your reach and establish yourself as an opinion leader in your field, you might want to think about starting a blog.


To make your blog popular, you need to offer you potential followers and customers some information that has real value, for example, some specific, helpful and professional industry tips that they can use in their work.


You won't have to spend a single dime on it - all this tactic requires is putting some time and effort into it.


Make sure you are writing about things you and your company actually know about - this will endure you have the credibility necessary to attract people with your opinion on the matter, make them listen and motivate them to share the tips they have learned from you, with their friends and acquaintances in social media, therefore promoting your company's accounts in social media and raising your brand awareness in general.


2. Communicate and react


You need to create a network of devoted and loyal followers around you, ensuring you good publicity, great post engagement, brand awareness, traffic for your main website, conversions, leads and, ultimately, sales. But in order to create such a network you need to master the art of communication.


One of the great ways to create such a network is to use the LinkedIn platform which was created primarily for that purpose.


Google+ with its circles is another effective method that will help you create such a network swiftly and almost cost-free.


On LinkedIn, you can also build your personal brand and later start promoting your company through it. Consider creating a group page for your brand or joining some groups relevant for your niche and building a name for yourself there.


3. Find yourself a partner (perhaps, more than one)


Partnership is what makes your business successful. There are lots of sayings about scratching each other's back and so on, and, what's funny, those are actually true. If your company finds yourself a trustworthy partner, you can maximize your gains and raise both your brands' awareness by endorsing each other and introducing each other to the followers of the partner mentioned.


For example, if you are a swimwear company and your partner is a hotel company, you can do great things to each other' benefit. They can reference you to their clients, and so can you. You can create a system of discount to make sure they will be motivated to visit your partner's hotel and vice versa.


Building a partner relationship with another company is a great way to create a reputation for yourself and to widen your reach by gaining a full access to the other company's followers with a good word about you already said in advance.


It's almost cost-free yet can help you reap the great rewards.


4. Ask for reviews


People tend to trust other customers who leave some feedback and give the reviews about company's performance on the social media websites and on its main website, so you need to make sure you have enough positive reviews.


In order to receive them, try communicating with your previous customers - both one-time purchases and loyal ones - and ask them for reviews. Do not hesitate to do it, this practice is absolutely normal. If your customers were left satisfied by your product or services, they will gladly help you.


You can also use some small tricks to motivate people into leaving the reviews more eagerly: you can introduce a "leave a review field" after the purchase is commenced - either on the website itself or in the mailing list. Make sure leaving the review is easy and doesn't require too many efforts, otherwise people won't bother doing it.


Think about giving people some small bonuses for leaving a review, like some bonus scores for the future purchases or small gifts - very small, meant only as a sign of affection and not bribery meant to trick people into leaving positive feedback.


Use these four tips to improve your marketing campaign and make it effective without having to increase the budget.


We wish you luck in your campaign and hope our little secrets will help you get all the followers and conversions you require!

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