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Five Helpful Services For Online Reputation Management

Managing and maintaining brand's or company's reputation by yourself takes a lot of work, and a smart businessman knows when he should get some help. You can make your day easier by using some online services for your reputation management.


There are plenty tools like these in the Internet, but we'll start with five platforms that will be most useful for the businessmen from the Post-Soviet countries.


Take a look at the tools that will make the task of managing company's reputations much easier for you:


1. YouScan


It's a social media monitoring tool that covers both international social platforms and market-specific sources. Since it's a Russian service, it also covers social media platforms like VKontakte and


The service offers built-in reports that show the statistics on the most active sources and the most active users.


YouScan has the automatic sentiment detection, which is a helpful tool for assessing your online reputation.


It can also be integrated with CRM.


2. IQBuzz


This monitoring service is a direct competitor of the YouScan. The services it offers are pretty much the same.


This service is paid, and the possibilities you get with it depend on the package you buy. It also has its own information storage you can use 247.


Another helpful thing it offers is a possibility to get the statistics on the age and gender of the author that mentioned your company, and also get data on his or her location. This feature can prove quite useful for understanding your company's position in different target audience segments and also in the different regions of the country.


3. SERMometer


This is a platform that helps you monitor your reputation in the search engines like Google and Yandex.


A helpful feature is a possibility to check whether the certain page with a feedback on your company is seen by the search engines - in other words, whether or not you should be worried about certain negative comment.


Systems also divides the reviews based on their type - into positive, negative and neutral sections.


4. Opiner


Opiner is another system designed for monitoring the social media. It offers three main functions - search, monitoring and analytics. This tool is paid, however, you can use it for a week for free in order to see how it works and decide whether you need it.


It is useful to note that Opiner also gives you the possibility to assess your competitors' reputation and compare it with yours.


5. Kribrum


This social media monitoring systems gives you an opportunity to track and analyze the mentions of your company, products or services, and also people who represent your brand.


This tool offers the automated reports packed with all the necessary data, divided into positive, neutral and negative reviews.


The information is presented in the form of graphs.


With these tools, you can automate some of the work needed for monitoring and managing your company's reputation in the Internet.


Next time we'll tell more about the tools that can be of help. Keep an eye on the updates.

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