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Five Easy Tips to Get your Content Shared

Do you know which part of the article contributes the most to its shareability? Content is important, but most of the articles in social media or shared (or not) because of the headline.


And with just a few tips from us you can learn to create the headlines that will be 100% hits.


So here are five steps to make people click on your headlines & share them afterwards:


1. Talk about simple things


Surprisingly, people are less likely to share content related to business, innovations, tech, news etc. take only 14% among the articles that are actively shared. And where do you get the remaining 85%? That’s content about simple stuff – lifestyle, home decoration, tasty meals and fancy clothes.


Conclusion: people like to look busy and serious, but they still will share more “human” things. Things related to stuff they’re interested in on a daily basis. Most of them had already got a lots of serious stuff at work – now they want to rest and observe smurfs & kittens.


Moreover, try to relate to the reader in your headlines. Don’t make them too general. Second-person pronouns like “your” are a must here.


Just compare these two headlines:


Before: LinkedIn profile tips for businessmen


After: Five LinkedIn tips that will get you promoted


The difference: Second headline gives reader a reason to click on it. Everybody wants promotion, after all.


2. Be emotional, but don’t get carried away


There actually are online tools that help you measure just how emotional your posts are. The calculations are based on the amount of work that program labels as “emotional”. And guess what? Less isn’t more in this case.


Posts that got high results on the aforementioned EmotionMeter were also shared more!


So being tough might be good sometimes, but not when writing a shareable headline.


For example:


Before: Ten ways to get your master’s degree


After: Ten ways not to drop out & succeed at your master’s degree


The difference: Motivation is the key. Also, a good old bit of fear never hurts.


3. Use the numbers


Somehow, people are more likely to share “Top 5 tips to make your posts shareable” than “How to make your posts shareable”. The magic is in the numbers. 12% of the most-shared headlines are the listed posts.


They look serious. They promise a concrete answer. Once you’ve seen the first tip you start wondering what’s written in the tip #2.


Before: Getting your Instagram account noticeable


After: 10 celebrity secrets to getting tons of followers on Instagram


The difference: See? Magic’s in the numbers.


4. Optimize the headline for each social platform


What’s good on Facebook is an Instagram killer. So, individual approach is the key. Before posting something on any of the existing social platforms, do your homework. Study the audience.


What is the difference between different social platforms users:


- Long personal posts are more popular on Facebook


- Instagram is for looks, food and kittens.


- Google+, surprisingly, is good for the recipes.


- Twitter loves witty one-liners and breaking news.


- Tech and innovations are popular on Twitter and LinkedIn, but dead on Pinterest and Facebook.


Conclusion: planning must be involved before opening an account on any of the social platforms. You should compare your goals and preferred target audience and therefore determine which platform will serve you best.


5. Learn how to write the right headlines


You can’t go viral every time – but you can still get a stable, decent amount of shares. To achieve that you need to use popular keywords, shareable topics and make target audience relate to your posts through the right phrases like “How To”, “Top 10 ways To”, “Best secrets for”, etc.


Before: Weekend getaway destinations


After: How to save on a luxurious getaway


           Top 10 cheap & impressive getaway destinations


The difference: Make people feel they can benefit from your content. Make them want to use your advice.


Summing up


You might be talented as a devil and write posts that make football hooligans cry like babies, but let’s face the truth – people don’t see that before they start reading your article. And that is possible only if you make them click on the headline.


That might not be easy in the today’s highly competitive environment – but with our tips you will succeed.

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