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9 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Do you know how to use email listings correctly, so it helps you to boost your sales and widen your reach, and also grow your following in social media?


Nowadays most brand prefer to connect with their targeted audience via the main social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. However, there are some things that can be achieved only through the good old email listing.


Some clients of yours would like to receive the niche information, or the updates on your brand’s sales, events and offers without having to browse through their news feed in Facebook where they can actually easily miss it due to the latest changes in the Facebook news feed algorithms if the post was not boosted.


You can also supply your email listing with the necessary news from your niche and with some practical tips that can be useful for the people who have subscribed for it.


Email listing can be pretty useful for a brand looking to expand and grow. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to acquire new customers.


But simply creating an email listing is not enough – it’s no use for you if all the mails your send end up in trash or worse - are marked as spam.


That is why we at YBMG want to show you some tips that will help you make the email listing easy and effective.


Take a look at these 9 simple tips:


1. Create an attractive headline


You need a headline that motivates people to engage and read the letter - or at least open your message. Headlines like "Brand N email listing" or "Daily newsletter" do not work, that's a given.


You need to add some intrigue to pique the interest of your reader. Try to organize them the same way reporters write headlines for the news, and you will see the results improving every day!


Explore your creativity and make people engage.


2. Remember about smartphones and tablets


Nowadays the world becomes more and more mobile, so an important thing is to check whether your email listings are easy to access from a smartphone.


That means a slightly different design, lighter photos and a shorter format. Once you remember these rules, making your listings modern and mobile friendly won't be a problem for you.


3. Make it easier to subscribe for the newsletter


The email subscription button should be present both on your website and inside of your mail listing itself.


Make it clearly visible so potential subscribers don't have to go looking for the button, but also make it pleasant-looking and not too bright so that they would actually want to click on it. Also consider the size so it doesn't conflict with the other elements on the page.


You can also offer different mailing options - from full package to specific deals and offers. Give your subscribers the diversity!


4. Include share buttons


If you want people to share the information they have received from you, with their friends, it might be a good idea to reserve a place for sharing buttons. It's better to give users at least Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram options.


You can add them in the top of the email you are sending.


5. Include forwarding buttons


This is another option allowing you to spread the information without paying for it. If a person finds your info useful, he or she can use this button to share the data received with their friends, which will ultimately lead to you widening your reach.


Warning: do not use this button if the information you are sharing is sensitive or confidential. Make sure you give away no secrets.


6. State your address correctly


Remember to check if your address is given correctly so that people get a possibility to contact you and ask you some questions should they need it.


Also always add the address in the end of your letter - that is a simple sign of politeness. It also improves the usability.


7. Do the fact-checking


Check everything you have stated in your description and account settings, clear out all the incorrect or outdated information.


Make sure everything is fresh and working!


It won't take you long, but will also save you a lot of trouble in the future.


8. Manage your contacts


Another thing that needs constant updating and cleaning is your company's contact list. Make sure you make no unnecessary moves or efforts.


Clean up your database every once in a while and update all the contacts.


Do not hesitate to delete the old ones.


9. Make your emails interesting


Do not overly promote your product. Make sure your letters also contain the information that could be useful for your consumers as well.


It could be niche news, some insights from an expert or links to interesting articles. Make your emails mutually beneficial, and your clients will be happy.


Use these 9 tips to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing. Share your own thoughts and insights on the matter in the comments below.

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