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8 Tips That Will Help You Succeed in Social Media

Has the social media marketing proven more difficult than you have anticipated when you were just starting building your brand’s Internet presence?


Do the goals you’ve set months ago look impossible and too ambitious now? Do you struggle with receiving even the moderate results?


Do you think all the efforts you put into your social media presence are completely unrewarding, and the more you try, the less you gain?


You write incredible posts and publish high-quality original content, yet your followers seem completely uninterested in engaging with them? Is it so bad, that your posts get less then ten likes each even though you have 20,000 followers on Facebook (Twitter, Instagram, the name doesn’t matter here) or more?


Then perhaps you need some quality tips that will help you quickly achieve bigger results while putting less effort into it.


We have prepared such a list for you. Take a look:


1. Choose the platform you’ll be working on


The best beginner’s strategy is to avoid taking on too much responsibilities. Better focus on creating an outstanding performance on one single platform than be a lame duck on all of the platforms possible.


In order to find the right platform for you, choose the one that gives you the best return of investments and decide where you’ll be building your Interned presence, based on this simple principle.


Building your presence in social media is a business activity, and you should not forget about that. If you don’t get enough returns, there is no sense in developing and expanding your presence on this social platform.


Take a look at your analytical data (this can be done via Facebook Insights, for example) on different platforms and determine one that has the highest return.


It will save you a massive amount of time and effort.


2. Learn to use the management tools


Using social media tools can save you a lot of time and effort, too. You’ll have a possibility to schedule your posts, providing for the most sufficient promotion strategy. It will instantly lead to your brand’s growth.


You can save hours per week simply using these tools.


Most of these online tools that you can find in the Internet are free. You can also use commercial options for advanced performance.


The most popular social media management tools are Hootsuite and Buffer, but there are many more in the web.


3. Use old posts again


Do you remember the posts that brought you great success, engagement, leads, and conversions in the past? If so, remember that you can use these posts more than once.


Take your time to breathe a new life into that old gaffer of a post.


That’s especially true for Twitter, where the average post lifespan is very short, so you can easily repeat the most successful of your posts once a months or even once a week, and that won’t be a problem for your followers.


Even more so, they’ll get a chance to see something interesting they might have missed. That’s a great possibility.


4. Schedule your posts


Strategy and schedule are crucial for one’s success. That is why you need to create the plan of your posts in advance and post them when they have the highest chances to get noticed and engaged with.


Create a good habit of scheduling your posts, and running your brand’s account in social media will turn into an easy and painless process.


It can save you hours of time.


You can also use lots of online tools like Feedly, IFTTT or even Pocket to make your social media marketing strategy as effective as possible.


5. Retweet and share with your other accounts


Some of your accounts are going to be more successful than others, that’s a simple truth of life, and you cannot escape it.


However, you can use this peculiarity to your own advantage if you retweet or share your posts from the less popular accounts by the more successful ones.


By doing so, you will be able to reroute the traffic to your lass-known accounts and therefore grow their reach and following.


You can also use plugins, like Buffers, to post the same content on different platforms at once with a one simple click.


6. Engage wisely


Remember: engaging is important, but no less important is knowing when you shouldn’t engage. Some forms of communication will bring you nothing but harm and/or wasted time/


To get all the things you need to be aware of, sorted out, set up Google alerts and also Twitter mentions.


That should be enough to keep you informed and armed.


Google alerts can also be set up for some specific keywords.


7. Don’t do everything at once


As a social media marketer, you have tons of tasks, and that’s exactly why you need to prioritize. By doing too much task at once you risk blowing all of them.


Consider this strategy:


 - Create a list of the tasks you have before you;


- Choose the ones that are both important and urgent;


- Choose the ones that are important but not urgent;


- Choose the ones you don’t really need.


Then bail on number three and start with number one, and you should be settled just fine.


8. Outsorce


Find some technical or minor tasks that you can put on the shoulders of your technical teams or interns.


Make sure you do not try to move the mountain on your own.


We wish you the best of luck with your social media campaign!


Feel free to let us know which of these 8 tips you’ve enjoyed the most, in the comments below.

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