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8 Steps to Gaining Followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

One cannot simply establish an effective online presence without making the name for his or her brand in social media. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn are a main driver of Internet success nowadays.


Without them, you cannot gain more followers, raise your brand awareness and get more visitors to visit your website.


But in order to achieve these goals you need to build a complex and comprehensive strategy meant to increase your chances to get noticed and followed.


Go for the quality, and the quantity will follow.


And here you can get 8 steps that will help you in conquering social media:


1. Start with building a powerful strategy


No matter how hard you try, you cannot succeed if you aren’t exactly sure where you are going. That is why establishing your marketing goals is so important.


You need to ask yourself several simple questions:


What is your ultimate goal? Do you want to grow your followers or you’d prefer to lead people to your brand’s website?


What image do you plan to create? What is the message you are going to transmit to your potential followers and customers?


What means are you ready to use to achieve these goals?


Once you are done with answering those, move forward to step 2.


2. Create a decent profile


The profile is what gives the people the initial opinion about you. That is why a lazy and half-hearted approach to filling out your profile simply won’t do.


Make sure it looks professional.


Choose high-quality images for your profile picture and the banner, use your brand’s logo and brand colors.


Fill the detailed description of who you are and what you do.


3. Keep the page alive


There is nothing worse than a brand’s page that had been updated for the last time near the 1 000 000 B. C.


That is why you need to make sure your profile is updated regularly.


However, do not overload your fans with unnecessary information.


4. Create unique content


You need to make a name for yourself, and in order to do that you need to deliver lots of unique and high-quality content.


Make sure your posts aren’t limited to retweets or shares and do not consist 100 percent of the news about your sales and events.


You need to give your followers information they are interested in.


5. Learn to use hashtags


Hashtags are a great help in promoting your posts and showing them to larger amounts of followers – especially when those hasthags are trending.


However, you need to learn to use them strategically, otherwise they will do your brand more harm than good.


Don’t overload your posts wish hashtags – two or three are enough, if they are relevant to the topic of your post.


6. Communicate


Engagement is what drives your following. Always react to the feedback you are getting from your fans, even if it’s negative.


I might add, especially when it’s negative.


That way you show your fans and potential customers that their opinion matters, that you are friendly and you are taking them seriously.


7. Use the analytics


In order to succeed you need to learn from your mistakes. That is why you need to study the analytics on your previous posts to find out which ones performed better and why.


Find the patterns, determine the content that plays out with your audience best and modify your marketing strategy accordingly.


Every platform usually offers its own analytics, so receiving the data shouldn't be a problem.


8. Fight on several fronts


Don't limit yourself to a single network. Experiment, explore, expand.


Each social platform - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest - has its unique features that can make your brand a hit.


All you need to do is learn to use them right!

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