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7 Invaluable Online Marketing Tips

Social media are a vitally important tool for every online business. However, most entrepreneurs never venture further than the most commonly known platforms like Twitter and Facebook . However, there are plenty of other social platforms that can assist you in promoting your venture.  Among them are old-school methods like blogs and email marketing and innovative ones - like live video streaming.


Here are some tips for using these other online marketing methods right:


Keep track of the new marketing tools


There are lots of new and exciting mobile and social platforms that your business can use for getting new customers and widening the targeted audience. You can start from checking out the mobile video streaming platforms like Meerkat and Periscope. These platforms can also be highly useful for communication with the partners.


Share Your Blog Posts on Every Platform Possible


Large social platforms like Twitter and Facebook indeed have a wide reach. But there are plenty of other online platforms that you can use to reach out to potential clients. Start from basics like Pinterest, Formspring, Google+ and then enter the realm of the less explored ones.


Learn From Your Blog Analytics


To widen your targeted audience and  reach out to new clients, first you have to understand where do you get the current traffic from and what your most popular posts are. So blog analytics are pretty necessary – GoogleAnalytics is the best way to start monitoring your traffic flow. Many social platforms, like LiveJournal, also have a built-in statistics service.


Read About Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing is a constantly changing field. But for your online marketing campaigns to be effective you should follow all the recent developments. .


Use Cloud Technology


With cloud technology running a business is not only more secure – the technology also allows you to find new ways of promoting your business.  If you’re not connected to the cloud yet, I suggest you do it now and start enjoying the benefits it offers.


Keep Your Blog Posts Interesting


Having a blog can still be a great way to promote your business. But in order to do that simply reposting fun stuff isn’t enough. You need to find exclusive and original content.


Get More People Reading Your Business Blog


Starting a business blog can be difficult at the beginning. But there are plenty of ways to attract new readers, from social media to guest posting and more.

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