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6 Tips to Promote Your Brand on Christmas Holidays

The Christmas holidays are closing up on us, and with each day, it gets harder and harder to make yourself think about leads, traffic, followers and social media marketing.


However, the worst think you can do is to sit down and relax as the holidays draw near.


You must remember that Christmas holidays are the days that are crucially important for every social media marketer that wants to start the year with success and is expecting to get some new and exciting results under his Christmas tree.


Basically, holidays present you with a great chance to double your brand’s potential, and to miss that chance would be a terrible waste.


Of course, in order to get the results you need to put some extra effort into it, and for those efforts to be successful, you need a relevant and well-thought strategy.


We at Yellow Blue Media Group would like to give you some tips on how to maximize your holiday performance.


Take a look at these six tips:


1. Communicate with people


In order to be interesting and generate more engagement, likes, shares and leads, your content needs to be natural. Photos from stocks can never be as successful as natural ones. That is why it would be smart to take part in some holiday festivities or, even better, in some charity events.


By doing so, you can achieve several goals: generate many natural photos, promote your branded hashtag, involve new followers and involve them into conversation.


After you took part in the event, make sure to post photos and tag people that were present there.


Show that you are not only try to sell your product, but also encourage social interaction, charity, generosity.


Show your followers the true spirit of Christmas.


2. Use the emotions


More emotional content always generates engagement, so make sure your posts are not emotionally neutral.


Make them as emotionally colored as possible so that your followers will be able to smile, laugh or cry over your posts.


Use the keywords: family, happiness, love, hope, generosity, faith, giving, smiles, and positivity.


Every marketer needs to know how to exploit these to his brand’s advantage.


You can write posts motivating people to follow their dreams, think big, explore their desires and dare to make decisions they’ve postponed for the whole previous year.


Challenge them, motivate them, ask them questions and motivate them to take part in discussions. That will not only raise your following, but also boost your sales, even if you are not marketing your product directly.


By doing so, you create positive image for your company, which will benefit you greatly in the long term.


3. Schedule your posts


Since you cannot truly predict where you and your colleagues will be during the holidays – and it may become really hard to plan that in advance, do one thing you truly can plan – schedule some posts for your social accounts so that you always stay active over the course of holidays.


That will ensure everything will be all right even if you are caught up in some unexpected situation and cannot update on your own.


You might also think about using some of your older posts if they fit the purpose.


Some motivating posts by your fans also deserve to be shared – that will serve two purposes at once: keeping your page updated and strengthen your relationships with your followers.


4. Keep up the good work


Many businesses think that holidays are the best time to slow down – and that’s a big mistake. Do not make it.


During the holidays people have more time to participate in discussions and get involved with social media.


They have more time to scroll over the social media.


That is why your task is to give them as much content as possible.


Do not wind down – on the contrary, try to be as active as possible – this will definitely give you a great edge over your competitors.


No time to sleep – take part in as many actions as possible.


5. Celebrate with the logos


Holidays are a great time to make some improvements – I’m talking about your profile pictures, logos, cover photos.


Make them as festive as possible, redesign your profiles to be relevant and attract people.


Even if it’s simple red scarf on your mascot, it already creates the atmosphere of holiday and festivity, and that is exactly what you need today.


Be festive, make your fans smile, get more likes and attract more followers and potential customers.


Show your fans you love the holidays as earnestly as they do!


6. Live stream


Nowadays video delivery is one of the best ways to generate traffic and attract people, make them interested in your event.


And there are endless possibilities that different online tools can offer you.


Why don’t you use Periscope to create great livestream videos?


If you’re unfamiliar or new to this livestreaming mobile app, it is time to learn something new – and get more followers in the process.


Use these six tips in order to turn your business into a total success over the holidays!

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