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6 Tips to Handle Social Media Like a Pro

Do you think you could have achieved more with the social media?


So, you have mastered the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You post regularly, share interesting and unique content, interact with your followers and follow every rule, yet still feel like some important part is missing?


This means you should proceed to next level and get some tips that will boost your performance in social media in geometrical progression.


Are you interested in taking your social media marketing to a whole new level?


Then take a look at these tips that will help you to achieve it:


1. Instagram and video introductions


Video is a powerful tool for gaining followers by making a unique first impression. By sending video introductions to a new follower you are not only making a polite gesture - you are trying to connect on a personal level.


And people appreciate when somebody tries to make a genuine connection with them.


You can send the video introduction via the Instagram Direct messaging system. Do not overdo it: be natural, keep it simple - say e few words about you and your brand, greet them and say thank you for joining in.


Devote 25 minutes a day to greeting your followers and see your engagement skyrocket!


2. Commenting on Hashtags


This is a technique that can help you to widen your reach immeasurably. And it is quite easy to apply, which is always a plus.


Also, the fastest way to receive the results, so you'll have to try it.


All you need to do is to discover the hashtags that your followers use the most. After you do it, algorithm is simple.


You search for the newfound hashtag and then comment and like whatever is marked with it.


That will show your clients you are interested in the same topics that they are - and will make them more eager to engage and work with you.


3. Targeting audience with dark posts


Dark posts are specific types of posts that are only promoted via the paid advertising and do not show in the regular newsfeed.


Dark posts can be used to showing the new followers something relevant yet not exactly new, while not irritating the existing followers by showing it allover again.


If used right, this can be a quite interesting technique.


4. Search for random new connections


There are over 1 billion people active on Facebook, yet you have no way to connect with them, even though some of them might be really interested in your product or in collaborating with you.


Here's where randos come in.


Randos is a Facebook term for strangers, and, surprisingly, it can be used for getting to know those strangers. Here is what you need to do.


First, write in the search field: randos at .


Now you've got a list of people who are working there, even though you didn't know their names.


5. Study your competitors at Pinterest


Visit a Pinterest URL to find out how's your competitor doing.


By typing that you'll get info on everything that domain pins. Useful, isn't it?


You can try to connect with the people who liked and commented on that content - after all, it means they are interested in your niche.


So why not try it?


6. Use Twitter video replies


@mention followers, colleagues and business partners in short videos you are posting to impress them and make a genuine connection.


By the way, you can also @mention people who aren't connected with you yet, making it a powerful tool of starting new business relationships and gaining new followers.


You can also greet your new followers that way.


Recording video is easy and doesn't take too much time - and the benefits are endless!


Don't settle for the basic social media tips. Venture deeper and learn more to get the engagement you and your brand truly deserve.


Let us know which tips were the most helpful to you and share your opinion in comments below!

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