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6 Steps to Managing Your Social Media Campaign On Your Own

Nobody questions the importance of social media promotion. Just as everybody knows it is tough job even for a full team of marketing professionals. But you don’t always have a team.


Some small business owners have to take on both the business itself and the burden of promoting it via sustaining an effective presence at all of the main social platforms that Internet has to offer nowadays.


With those being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Snapchat and sometimes Foursquare (not to mention smaller ones that may vary depending on the type of business and location), that is a lot to have at someone’s plate.


What should you do when faced with task capable to put off a whole team of professionals?


The main piece of advice is not to despair.


If you develop a right strategy and optimize your performance accordingly, you can easily succeed in promoting your brand in social media even if you are the only professional and at the same time asset that you have.


You wonder what strategy might that be? We’ll be glad to answer.


You should take a look at our 6 steps to promote your brand single-handedly:


1. Schedule your posts


You cannot dedicate yourself to the social media promotion 24/7 – who will be running your business then? That is why the option to schedule your posts will come in handy.


Most social platforms like Twitter and Facebook have that option, so use it.


You can plan in advance what you are going to be posting over the week and, for example, schedule everything on Sunday. You will still have to react on some unexpected events or interact with your followers if they engage you into the conversation, but you won’t have to keep in mind trillion updates a day.


You can also make more of the blog post – after writing it share it on the several social platforms at once. Moreover, don’t hesitate to share it once or twice later – social media forget fast, and good pieces of content deserve a chance to be viewed by more people.


That is, if your blog posts are indeed informative, interesting and valuable.


You can use the following algorithm or create your own:


- Make the initial share or repost;


- Repost it again after week or two;


- Repost it in a month, if the topic is still fresh;


- Repost it on the weekend or during the holidays when people generally have more free time and are more likely to read lengthy posts.


Don’t rely on scheduled posts only – keep your eyes open to react at whatever is going on in the world to follow the trends.


2. Automate your routine actions


To save even more time, you need to use not only the scheduling options provided by the social platforms themselves, but also the independent online tools. There are plenty of tools – both free and the ones with paid options available.


Since we are talking a one-person optimizing with a limited budget, let us focus on free options.


The main tool we are going to start with is IFTTT, the acronym for “if this, then that”. It can take care of most of the routine tasks you are facing, namely sending Twitter mentions, adding your new followers to your Google Drive sheet, sending your Facebook photos to Dropbox, and so on.


The possibilities are close to unlimited, since you can create your own scenarios, as well as use the prerequisite ones.


The tool has 232 channels that allow you to automate nearly everything.


3. Publish in social media about your blog posts automatically


That is less personal, then writing a whole post for a retweet or share, you still can start social promotion and save yourself some time by auto-publishing posts about your blog entries in social media.


Those will include only a header and a link. But, if the header is witty enough, your followers will click on it – so here’s the start of your victorious social media campaign.


Use this strategy if you are overloaded with daily routine tasks and cannot devote time to creating separate posts for all of the social platforms you are present on.


Some engagement is always better than none – besides, you can always post this blog entry once more, this time with proper and heartedly introduction.


4. Divide your followers into categories


Targeting is the key to commencing a successful social media campaign, and therefore you cannot allow yourself to think of your audience as of a homogenous faceless mass.


The content you are posting can be perceived differently depending on the characteristics of the different core groups inside your audience. The perception may vary depending on your followers’ age, gender, level of education, location and billions of other thigs.


That is why it would be wise to divide them into separate groups and give them different types of content – or simply organize and introduce it differently.


For example, you can create several Twitter lists:


- Colleagues;


- Competitors;


- Opinion leaders;


- Potential customers;


- Potential customers.


Do not limit yourselves to these groups – you are free to create your own, based on whatever characteristic you may prefer.


5. Vary the ways of promoting your content


Learn to promote the thigs you are posting on your Facebook page, for example, in a whole variety ways at once.


Try not to copy what you write on Facebook to your Twitter account – otherwise your pages will look identical and repetitive, and that, as you may guess, is not a good thing.


You do not need to generate loads of content to look interesting and worth to follow – sometimes all that you require is present your content in a right way.


So use your imagination and get creative.


6. Repost the best posts


There is no secret in the fact that some of your posts will perform much better than others. That can happen due to variety of factors – timing, luck and many others.


But why not use them once more?


If you have an old post that once went viral, it may be a good idea to introduce it once more with a different approach.


Another way of using the tendencies is to watch top hashtags in Twitter and use them to boost your posts’ performance.


As you see, being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being unsuccessful. Even without outside help, you can create a social marketing strategy that will make your brand a hit.


Follow our 6-step strategy to become the most successful one-man team ever!

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