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5 Tricks to Succeeding in Social Media

Today you cannot build a successful business without stable Internet presence. And internet presence requires promoting your brand via social media, since the most popular platforms enjoy great amounts of visitors daily.


It would be a pity to lose such a possibility simply because you are too lazy to think through the strategy of engaging your potential customers into dialog, building brand awareness and growing your following.


To be successful, you need to be present at several of the most popular social platforms at least. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are a must. Accounts on Google+, Pinterest and Foursquare for local businesses can be a helpful addition. You also might think about starting a blog on a topic potentially interesting for your audience. It will help you position yourself as an expert in your field and will also give you lots of exclusive content to post on you Facebook page.


We decided to compile a list of tips you can use to build your presence in social media.


Here are five universal tricks you need to know:


1. Start with building a strategy


To understand your possibilities, you need first to review several important points every social marketer needs to consider. We've made them into a small list.


First, define when are you going to post and how many hours per week you can devote to building social media presence. It's ideal if your company has a SMM manager who'll have unlimited time for that and who will take all the burdens of building a social media presence on his shoulders, but that's not always the case. Even without SMM manager you will have to make due.


Second, determine the design you are going to use for your page - that includes banners, profile pictures and the images you are sharing. Make sure they all are of highest quality.


Third, it is alright to share a relevant post once in a while, but most of your content must be not only relevant and interesting, but also unique.


Fourth, you need to be open to your followers. Reply to their messages and comments, engage them into the discussion, ask for their opinion and, most importantly, show your fans that you care about them.


Fifth, use the analytics - for example, the Insights option on Facebook. Analytics can be very helpful in modifying your strategy based on what plays well with your audience and what doesn't.


And, last but not least, you need to determine the audience you are going to deliver your message to. This can be achieved by dividing people based on their age, location, gender, level of education etc.


2. Don't shy away from tools


Using tools can save you a lot of precious time. There are plenty of online tools in the Internet that allow you to schedule posts, sort the people you are following or to show the posts only to those who potentially might be interested in the content you are sharing. Ignoring them would be a tremendous waste.


Besides, you can also use tools to monitor your performance, choose the most successful tactics and develop them.


There are both free and paid tools - choose among them, depending on your budget.


3. Use the analytics


Keeping track of data and your performance is near the impossible if you don't use the analytics tools each social media platform provides.


Facebook analytics is the most famous one. With its help you can see everything you need - how many people visit your page, which percentage of them proceeds to engage with your posts, and how many have performed negative actions, for example, un-liked your page.


Twitter gives you the possibility to see the most popular tweets, Google analytics - who drives traffic to your brand's main website, Pinterest analytics - which types of content your followers enjoyed the most.


Do not forget to explore these options in order to optimize your performance.


4. Use free tools


 When you build a social media marketing strategy, you often face the necessity to manage several social media accounts at once, and that can prove rather tough. However, there are several free tools that will make you awesome in multitasking.


These apps can display all your accounts at once - goodbye, the pain of logging in into everything, switching between tabs and mixing your strategies for Facebook and Twitter accidentally.


The most popular free tools that will do the task and save you from the pain, are Buffer and Hootsuite. They are pretty easy to master and will be a time-saver and may prove invaluable for a busy social marketer such as you.


5. Share your social media success with your teammates


Motivate your teammates to engage into the social media campaign by sharing the results of your efforts with them.


Listen to their ideas and suggestions those might prove extremely useful when you least expect it.


Use Trello and Slack - the apps that will give you the possibility to show the tasks to your teammates and also allow a global conversation and discussion.


Save your time and optimize your social media strategy to win over all those platforms!

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