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5 Tips to Succeed in Social Media

In recent years, social media have become the most effective marketing tool. And their importance will only increase, since the amount of people that are active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other mainstream platforms continues to grow every day – and with an impossibly rapid pace.


That is why managing your social media strategy should become the first step of every marketing campaign you are planning to start.


The main points of conducting a social media campaign is raising profits and growing the brand awareness.


We’ve decided to offer you five tips that will help you to achieve both goals:


1. Choose which platforms you’ll be present on


Each social platform is unique, so you cannot simply apply your Facebook strategy on Instagram and get the same results.


To conduct a successful social media campaign you need to understand the characteristics and peculiarities of the platform you are dealing with, and act accordingly.


You can do cross-posts from time to time, but only if you are sure they will work for both platforms where you want them to be published.


The basic peculiarities of social platforms can be summed up as follows: LinkedIn is for professional and B2B contacts, Pinterest and Foursquare are for local businesses mostly, and Facebook, YouTube and Instagram encourage informal and personal engagement.


2. Choose who you want to be


You cannot be a lifeless brand voice and be successful at the same time. You need to tell your customers about your brand’s story, culture, and ideology.


By making these steps you allow them to connect with you on more personal level, making them more likely to follow you and become your customers.


And engaging your followers is the first step to making them your devoted customers.


So, define your voice. Be unique.


3. Choose a posting strategy


You cannot limit yourself to simple marketing posts saying how awesome your company and products are. That is going to scare all the followers away.


Instead, try posting unique content that will be valuable for your followers, too. It can be business advice, some relevant news or other interesting things. By choosing such types of content you‘ll show that you are here not only to push your product, but, more importantly, to communicate.


In addition, successful communication is the main driver for the brand, as it increases engagement and turn more of your followers into customers.


4. Learn to converse


You cannot simply shout in the space – to be a successful brand, you need to take into account all the feedback that you receive from your customers.


Yes, even if the feedback is not as good as you would have expected, being an awesome and friendly brand that you are.


Reply to all the comments you get from the followers, react to mentions and look into the cases where you could’ve done better.


By pursuing this strategy, you’ll soon turn even those who were not exactly satisfied with the goods or services received, into your devoted customers!


5. Be quick


Modern world moves forward fast, and so does social media.


That is why you need to adapt quickly and react quickly. If you’ve got a message from a follower or customer, keep in mind that the answer is expected in hours or even minutes.


Some social platforms even got counters for the approximate waiting time, and you get benefits for replying sooner.


Use the possibilities of social media to make your brand a leader!


Were these tips helpful? Which ones did you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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