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5 Secrets to Engaging Customers in Promoting Your Business

For B2B marketers promoting their brand in social media presents a greater challenge than for those who represent companies working directly with individual customers. The reason for this is simple: there are more than 6 billion people on Earth – and much fewer businesses.


However, you still can attract enough business customers to become successful and earn money. The key to it is building a right involvement strategy.


You heard right: the main asset in promoting your B2B company is involving your existing customers as much as possible.


Promoting your B2B company demands a slightly different approach than the traditional advertising. Your potential clients won’t be satisfied with vivid description of your products and activities. They need solid proof.


They need customer reviews.


With the rise of social media the level of transparency has increased greatly, so have no doubt: the first thing a potential client is going to check is other people’s experience with you.


Here’s where your existing customers come in, and trust me, they can help your company a great deal.


You can get them to help in 5 simple ways:


1. Conduct a case study


This is the first thing you have to do if you want to start promoting your B2B company in social media. Case study will promote both you and your client and, what’s important, it’s almost timeless since it isn’t tied to a concrete day or event.


So this investment of time and effort is deemed to pay off.


Of course, there are few limitations and peculiarities to this method. First, you need a client who trusts you and will be comfortable enough to conduct a case study with you.


If you have one, then build a case study, promote it on all of your and your client’s  accounts on every social platform you can remember. That will widen your reach greatly (and that’s extremely important for B2B companies since it is harder for them to grow their following organically).


While doing a case study remember a reason you are doing it for. Choose the phrases that will become fun Tweets, Facebook posts. Choose appropriate visuals.


Make sure you coordinate your efforts with your client’s social media team to double the effect of launching a case study. Engage with those who share your posts and comment on your initiative.


2. Share life stories


According to a 2013 study, about 70% of consumers check the customer reviews before buying a product or ordering a service. That is why testimonials are a crucial part of your future social media promotion strategy.


You’d be surprised how many people actually rely on the reviews, comments and other types of feedback from the distant customers whom they don’t even know. And you must learn to use this psychological phenomenon to your advantage.


All the small businesses and marketers should work on creating social proof to the quality of their services. With social media feedback from real people has become easy to get. You should make sure the reviews they find are positive. In order to achieve that, put the shyness aside and ask your existing clients for the testimonials.


Then share the hell out of them.


Share a quote from a client talking about his experience with you on Twitter or Facebook.  Add testimonials to your website, blogs, use them on printed materials.


3. Share your clients’ content


Engagement should be mutual, so don’t forget to praise your customers for helping you – and help them, in turn. The fastest way to do it is to share your client’s content.


Through that not only will you boost your clients following and motivate them to work with you in the future but will also highlight your friendship to the potential clients.


Moreover, you get more content to update your brand’s page.


You may also be able to ask the client to share or comment your content in return.


4. Talk with your clients (in public)


Sharing each other’s content is not the only way to highlight your relationship with a client and expand your reach. One of the most effective ways to do it is to engage into actual public conversation with your client.


Got a relevant topic? An upcoming event? Saw some post on your client’s page that you have something to say about?


Go on and tag your clients. Tell a couple of jokes, ask for a piece of advice or give one, and watch how their followers engage into the conversation, too. Brands talking to each other can be very fun – and valuable, too.


You can also plan the conversation in advance with your client’s social media team – this way you will have more time to think it through properly. The engagement can range from a single witty comment to hosting a Twitter chat.


Use whatever suits your needs best.


5. Get feedback from your clients


Every single one of the strategies mentioned above depends on whether you are actually able to ask your clients for such help. And in order to do that, you need to build a strong relationship with them.


But there also are customers who joined you only recently, so your relationship is simply not there yet. However, you cannot afford to simple ignore them. These clients can also prove useful to building your social media presence.


The easiest way to involve these clients in your campaign? Asking them for feedback.


That applies not only to positive comments but also to negative ones. If you see a client commenting on your service, reach out to them in order to find out what went wrong and what can you do to make it right. The client will appreciate it, and you will negate the effect of the initial displeased comment.


That will also prove to your potential customers that you’re paying attention and that every client matters.


Another way to receive feedback from your new clients is conducting a poll oe query. Motivate them to take part. Engage them into telling how they feel about your service and what do they want to be improved.


Doing business takes two.


Engage your clients and act as a team – and the results will be immediate!

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