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10 Tips for a Winning Social Media Strategy

Social media has long become one of the most important tools for the marketer, and their role is only expected to grow. Nowadays more than 70% of the United States’ population have at least one account in the social media, with that percent growing every day.


More than half of these 70% actively use two social media platforms of more. By 2018, the overall number of social media users in the world is expected to grow to 2.5 billion total.


And since the world becomes more and more mobile every day, today around 1.96 billion of people are actively using social networks via their phones.


It means that every business that wants to be successful needs to build a meaningful presence on the main social platforms. Most of them are already there – according to the latest studies, around 90% of small and medium enterprises are actively using social media.


Social media offer a unique and largely cost-free chance for reach out to your targeted audience all over the world, engaging potential customers, increasing the traffic flow to the business’ main website and generating the much-needed leads.


With 10 tips that we are going to offer, you’ll be able to achieve truly incredible results, gaining followers and boosting your sales.


Here’s what you need to remember while developing your social media marketing strategy:


1. Be creative and think differently


With so many businesses trying to conquer social media out there your business is either outstanding or invisible. And, believe us, you do not want to be invisible.


To make sure your efforts, time and money spent on campaign won’t be wasted, you need to establish a unique and compelling image of your brand, that will allow you attract followers and reroute more traffic to your website.


If you don’t make your marketing remarkable, and your posts – worth sharing, you will never succeed in building an effective social media presence.


Try doing little brainstorming sessions with your team occasionally in order to pitch some creative and unexpected ideas.


2. Cherish the quality


Even though active posting is important for creating a strong Internet presence, you cannot rely simply on the amount of posts.


Do not post the first thing that comes to your mind, because sometimes publishing lots of posts means you are losing when it comes to quality.


And you don’t want to be shown as a brand that litters the news feeds of your followers with the tons of meaningless posts.


That is why you need to consider the quality and usefulness of the information you are planning to post. Users should know that you not only try to sell them your products, but also deliver valuable expertise in your field.


3. Add visuals to your posts


Almost every successful post in Facebook or Twitter contains some kind of visuals: images, infographics of videos.


The posts containing visuals tend to be liked and shared by your followers, their friends and friends of their friends.


The difference between the engagement with posts containing visuals and the plain text ones can reach up to 30% and even more.


4. Use the content that your followers create


Reposting the best of your followers’ posts can be a good strategy to guarantee your page in social media is constantly updated.


It is also a great way of showing your followers you are interested in their opinion and read their posts – and appreciate what they’re doing.


By incorporating some of the using-generated content, you can create the most loyal of your followers and customers.


5. Make your posts easy to share


Add pixels and buttons allowing to like and share your posts everywhere you can – from your main website to the mailing list.


The less effort it takes to share your posts, the higher is the possibility your followers will take time to actually do it.


Make it easy – and you’ll get enough engagement. Otherwise, no one will want to spend ten minutes looking for the share button.


6. Know your stats


Receiving all the necessary data about your brand’s progress in social media is vitally important for building and adapting your marketing strategy.


You need to know which posts bring you the most engagement and receive more comments from your followers.


You also need to observe when your followers are the most active in social media – it will influence your posting time.


Another important statistics is which parts of your targeted audience are more willing to engage with your posts (the characteristics to pay attention to are location, gender, age, level of education and interests).


If you know both your weak and strong points, you are fated to succeed.


7. Pay attention to your competitors


By paying attention we mean watching their strategies closely in order to learn from their mistakes and maybe adopt some successful strategies.


Be careful, though, not to cope them too closely: nobody likes a plagiarizer.


Trying to steal somebody’s strategy can easily cost you your reputation.


8. Advertise smart


Even though advertising costs money and some business, especially small ones, don’t have so much resources, you cannot fully avoid using ads.


Make sure the ones you choose are effective, and do not hesitate to replace an ad if you see it doesn’t bring you the engagement you were expecting.


9. Show that you care


Try creating a business with a human face, brand values and voice. You need to look professional but at the same time show genuine concern for the main problems in your niche, and some global issues, too. It will prove your followers you are not only interested in making money but also try to make the world a better place.


Commencing a social campaign occasionally can be a great way of showing you have genuine values and understanding of the world’s problems.


10. React to the feedback


Do not leave questions and critique you receive from your followers and customers, unanswered – it hurts your reputation and, therefore, the business itself.


Try resolving problems as fast as possible – and your fiercest critics will turn into your loyal customers.


Feel free to share your own social media strategy secrets in the comments section below!

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