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10 Steps Necessary to Become a Social Media Star

Nowadays social media change in a blink of an eye, and sometimes you might think you are unable to keep up with the pace. Hashtags on Twitter come and go, Facebook apps grow old overnight, some Instagram filters disappear and other arise.


In such a world becoming an influential and respected player in social media demands a decent and ingenious strategy of promoting your brand and yourself.


Each strategy must be unique, based on your product, niche and targeted audience.


Yet you can heighten your chances if you listen to the tips we are offering:


1. Planning is the key


Never start your business promotion unless you have a complex plan of your moves. A common mistake is to start a Facebook or Twitter account without having a clue on what are you supposed to do and, more importantly, what results are you planning to achieve.


Remember about the power of the boosted posts – some heights can be reached only with a proper investment.


Plan is also needed so that you never miss a scheduled post. Keeping your page updated is extremely important. A dead page with news for 2013 means dead business.


2. Find your targeted audience


Once you do, choose the social media platforms that will suit your demands. That, also, depends on the niche you’re working in.


Teens love SnapChat, Facebook is the platform for somewhat older people, Instagram – for photo lovers.


Remember the timing is as important as the posts themselves. People are unlikely to buy a brand if they don’t even see it – and that might happen, should you forget about the time zones.


3. Generate more content


You can call it “3C” rule. Content, content, content. Keep your content  interesting and unique, and you will become a leader in no time.


You can also repost from time to time if the posts are interesting and relevant enough.


4. Diversify the content


Plain text is for Facebook, but even there it is pushed aside by the other forms of content. Photos and videos get more engagement.


Videos get 2 times more engagement, for example.


Use YouTube, since Google bought it already anyway.  Use the video to highten your brand's credibility and then post it on YouTube or embed right it on your Facebook page and blog.


5. Do not sell here


People don’t like to be fooled. They didn’t come to Facebook to listen how awesome your brand is and get the best way: they came in too strong.


Inform people. Make sure your posts are interesting and benefits your customers. If it does, post it without the second thought.


6. Respond to your clients


If you get 90% response rate within 5 minutes, you receive a special mark on the page. It is considered to be a very good characteristic for the brand.


You will also show your customers you care about them, react to their inquiries, which is extremely important.


People actually want to be heard.


7. Lead the customers to your website with social media


The final goal of your campaign is to make a potential customer turn into a real one. Make them click on the one of the links, go to the website and purchase your goods.


So give them the opportunity to buy from you. For example, some social platforms, like Facebook, even offer the so-called Calls-to-action. Among them  - “Go to the shop” and “Buy now”.


Always finish with the website before you start promoting your brand. Half-filled website doesn’t look trustworthy.


8. Don’t lie


Messages and posts about the brand’s lifestyle must be true. Don’t stand for the values you do not accept – it will show anyway, sooner or later.


If you have some genuine achievements or ideas, share them. Make them spread and circulate.


Correlate the topics and tone of your posts in accordance to the product you’re selling. Sportsmen will like energetic tone, soldiers – clear tone, and so on.


9. Love your customers


Remember they are the ones you’re working for. Do everything you have to make sure their needs are met and your company is customer-oriented. Now is about the first time in your life as a marketer when making it all about yourself is a failed strategy by default.


Make it easier for customers to find you. Use hashtags (both trending and unique) to ease their search. Optimize your website so that it is always in the top of the search results.


While performing the optimization pay attention to choosing the right keywords. Study the search queries in order to learn what your customers desire.


10. Be mobile


A globalized world is the world of speed, and personal computers give more and more way to smartphones or tablets. So make sure you have a mobile version of the website.


Many social media are even designed to be compact.


These 10 simple steps will help you in building your brand’s name and promoe it in social media.


Use them and the luck will never leave you!

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