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Start Your Big Game with LinkedIn

Have you decided to try LinkedIn marketing?


Do you wonder what benefits this professional network can bring you? Do you want some tips of using it to your best interests?


LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms that can help you grow your targeted audience, boost sales and increase your brand awareness.


Here are a few ways to use LinkedIn potential to its fullest.


Take a look at few tips you’ve never considered to be important – and yet they are:


1. Get the information from LinkedIn publisher stats


New LinkedIn’s feature Publisher stats is a great source of valuable information – starting from the data on exactly how many people are viewing each post. You can also learn your posts’ lifespans, inquire who are the people that get engaged with your posts, study the demographics and learn tons of other valuable data.


You can start by openingWho’s Viewed Your Posts tab right under Who’s Viewed Your Profile. When you click on it you’ll receive a graph indicating the amount of viewers over the set periods of time. Currently you can choose from 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 6 months or 1 year.


You can also view top 4 industries, jobs, locations and traffic sources engaged with your post.


With the help of Publisher stats you can modify your content strategy according to the demographics, location, interests etcetera.


You can even find new niches you haven’t thought of before – and find potential partners among those who liked or commented on your posts.


2. Use Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool designed for customer identification and prospect research. It provides new insights and helps connect with influencers more effectively.


It’s an important tool you can invest in and receive outstanding results – but only if you already have a quality product and the right strategy in the first place.


3. Remember to use mobile version of LinkedIn


You can grow your brand’s awareness through using LinkedIn on your smartphone. It is available both through LinkedIn itself or with the help of companion apps.


Even 10 minutes a day that you spend sharing interesting and fresh info with your connections on LinkedIn (perhaps even in a coffee break or between the meetings) will make your connection remember your brand and keep it in mind constantly.


You can also invest time in starting new connections and keeping in touch with old ones.


4. Do the SEO optimization


There are more than 370,000,000 people on LinkedIn, and that number is growing rapidly.  


Optimize your LinkedIn company page for SEO:


1. Add target SEO keywords at the top of the company page description.


2. Write a pleasant description of your company (150-160 characters, don’t forget to use the keywords)


3. Write extended description of your company’s profile (more keywords, more letters).


4. Don’t forget to fill in theSpecialties section of your company page. In 256 you can add more SEO keywords.


5. Learn to Market


Before posting think the strategy through.  Find and engage with new users and groups. Like more often, join new groups, take part in conversations.


Joining groups of users with similar experiences, jobs and interests is also a great way to reach more people and resources.


There are groups for colleges, industries, professional organizations, companies and common interests.


In mere 30 days it can boost your connections and raise your brand awareness.


6. Use the LinkedIn publishing platform


The publishing platform is a best way to market on LinkedIn. Here you can publish contend in advance and become a leader in your niche, build connections and influence others.


You should write about your own business, experience, expertise. Share the strategies and experiences that worked for you.


Publish consistently and regularly.


Make your industry see you as an influencer, even if you aren’t quite there yet.


Position yourself as an industry expert. Share your insights to get more followers and clients.  


Get them to engage into a conversation: in every LinkedIn post you should include a call to action with a link to your website.


7. Use the Notification center to manage your page


With the help of  LinkedIn Company Page Notification Center you can learn which updates and content are performing the best with your audience. You can view all your company’s activity in one place.


Notification center shows you:


-    How many likes, comments and shares you’ve received and how your company has been mentioned by other LinkedIn members


And allows you to:


 -     See every mention of your company on the platform


-     Review all the recent activity connected to your page – likes, views, mentions


-     Post comments as a brand’s representative


Company page notifications will be aggregated into a single notification for administrators which will make their job much easier.


To be active on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to promote your business.


LinkedIn audience is constantly growing, the features widen.


Use them to make best of your business!

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