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LinkedIn: Five Tips to Success

Nowadays using LinkedIn has become a great way for connecting with business partners, creating new strategic relationships, recruiting and boosting your reputation. However, if LinkedIn hasn’t been much help for you – this may be because of 5 main mistakes every newcomer makes.


It is not enough to have access to the tool – first you must learn how to use it.


So here’s most common mistakes people make on LinkedIn – and the ways to avoid them.


1. Overburdening your network with every change you make to the profile


Why people hate it


Trust us, people on your network don’t want to see a notification each time you add a word to your job description – unless that is actually informative. If people get them every day, they become annoyed at you – and that is not the best way to boost your reputation.


How to change it


Plan the changes you make to the profile and make sure you really need them. Better to do all the corrections at once. A piece of advice: you can also disable the notifications for a while, so that your network won’t have to check out the changes that aren’t carrying any added value.


2. Group messages your network isn’t interested in


Why people hate it


The reason is simple – nobody likes being spammed. After the tenth industry-related message sent to people who don’t care about the topic you’ll start losing connections. Don’t litter their inbox with pointless information.


How to change it


You can always write a LinkedIn blog post about your event or success in industry. This way your network gets notified and those who are interested in the topic will check it out; others will have the chance to simply skip it. Save group messages for something really urgent and important.


3. Sending a group message with visible contacts in copy


Why people hate it


Everybody prefers to be addressed personally, but that’s not the only reason. By sending such a message you violate the privacy of people who might not be excited about their contact information getting exposed.


How to change it


You can use the same technique as the “hidden copy” on an email. To hid the addesses of your recipients you simply need to uncheck the “Allow recipients to see each other’s email” box.

If the damage is already done, do not hesitate to offer your recipients sincere apologies for making a common rookie mistake. This is usually enough to make sure people won’t hold grudges against you.


4. Constantly writing boastful blog posts with no added value


Why people hate it


When you do nothing but promote yourself, people see it as a bad taste. LinkedIn blog posts are created for sharing useful information – and even if it’s promotional, it should still be useful for your network or potential partners.


How to change it


You can still write this blog post – simply make it interesting enough. Include information that is useful to your network and at the same time related to the event you’d like to promote. Then you are free to post a link to the event in the end of the article.


5. When several of your employees send the same email to the potential client


Why people hate it


Once again, personal touch. When a potential client receives several messages from different people in your company, he or she feels you are not exactly interesting in genuine connection. No wonder you don’t remember he already received your offer from another employee!


How to change it


You can use a CRM system so you’ll know who your employees are in contact with and will be able to avoid double-posting.


Even if you have already made some of these mistakes, do not despair. It is never too late to learn, and with these few tricks you’ll be able to boost your reputation and rekindle the relationships with your partners. As for the future – before sending or posting something on LinkedIn take a minute to think: does this information contain any added value? Will your network learn anything or benefit from it?


If the answer is “yes”, you are good to go!

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