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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

For a business trying to create a strong online presence LinkedIn is a true finding. It's a large social platform that can help you quickly build all the necessary social connections, get in touch with opinion leaders in your niche and even give you an opportunity to become an opinion leader yourself.


With the help of LinkedIn you can perform a wide range of tasks, starting from finding your previous colleagues and potential business partners to joining relevant groups popular with your targeted audience and sharing various presentations.


If you want to make a name for yourself in your niche, LinkedIn is the right place to go. Its possibilities are vast, and yet you must learn to use them wisely and strategically.


We've gathered 7 tips that will help you become more popular on LinkedIn. Here they are:


1. Create a compelling photo


Needless to say, to attract potential customers and partners you need to make your profile as professional-looking as possible. And that means you need a high quality photo that will respond to all the LinkedIn requirements.


Make sure you do not simply copy your Facebook profile picture - it is considered a bad taste. Play with your brand's colors a bit. Use your imagination.


2. Fill in the description


A potential customer will learn about your company from its description, so you need to make it as complete, detailed, well-written and professional as possible.


Mention the most important aspects - the brands specialization, history, lifestyle and values. Say a couple of words about your excellent team, too.


If you can provide any optimistic statistical data proving your brand is on the rise - you are more than welcome to add that information, too.


3. Place the links


While the summary should and must be compelling, do not get too excited about it. Your primary goal still is boosting sales and promoting your brand, not winning a Pulitzer prize. That is exactly way you need to keep it short and simple, and also remember about URLs.


Be sure to include the links to your websites main page and links to your accounts in other social media in the description.


These links are another way to show how trustworthy you are.


4. Build the connections


The most important thing about LinkedIn is the network it helps you create. That means most of the time you will spend reaching out.


Take a sit and make a list of important niche players and opinion leaders you want to keep in touch with. Also, add your current employees, business partners and former colleagues. In our case, the more the merrier.


Create the large network since LinkedIn only allows you to see connections down to 2 levels.


Yet, try not to add irrelevant people since they are going to be the dead weight for your company's page anyway.


5. Do the endorsements


Endorsements on LinkedIn are some sort of quick approval of skills your connections claim to have. By endorsing them you vouch for them indeed having the said skills.


Needless to say, the more you endorse your colleagues, the more they will endorse you back.


However, keep your reputation in mind and do not vouch for the people having nonexistent skills - nobody likes a liar and a false witness.


6. React to the updates


Your connections regularly make changes to their profiles, adding new experience, skills or workplaces. The best way to connect is to engage with those updates.


Show the people that you care and notice changes in their lives. People tend to appreciate that.


Moreover, people, whose updates you have engaged with, are much more likely to respond to your updates, messages or offers.


7. Update your status


This one is important because you need to show your connections that your account is alive and well, just like your company.


Dead profiles that were last updated three years ago are a direct signal that it's better not to engage with your company.


And that isn't the impression you are striving to create.


8. Join relevant groups


LinkedIn groups are another way to connect with influencers, potential customers and partners. You can join both open and private groups, though the latter are a bit more difficult to get admitted to.


Popular groups can have thousands of members, thus opening you the way to contact almost all the people you need to achieve success.


These are simple tips that will help you boost your brand's visibility on LinkedIn and contribute both to sales and brand awareness in general.


If you use these tips right success on LinkedIn won't be a problem for you.

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