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How To Turn LinkedIn into a Powerful Marketing Tool

Many marketers forget about the necessity of building an effective online presence for their brand not only on the traditional social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, but also on the main professional platform out there – LinkedIn.


 If you are one of those, you may want to reconsider your current marketing strategy. Try to remember: when was the last time you have made any changes to your LinkedIn profile? How much time has passed since last update?


You might not realize it yet; however, LinkedIn is a powerful marketing instrument that can do wonders if placed into the right hands.


It is not simply a resume – it’s a tool that can bring both you and your business the success and followers you are dreaming about.


Very often your LinkedIn profile or the group dedicated to your brand is literally the first thing a person considering collaborating with you or buying your product, so you need to make sure you make a decent first impression and your profile gives the potential partners and followers enough information to make a right decision.


Through LinkedIn, you receive an unchallengeable opportunity to establish yourself as an opinion leader in your niche, build a reputation among your followers and easily attract new ones without having to put too much effort into it.


Here’s how you can stop wasting the opportunities given to you by LinkedIn and start capitalizing on it.


Take a look at four professional marketing tips that will turn your LinkedIn profile into a tool that will ensure your brand’s success.


1. Fill in your LinkedIn profile


Did you know that about a half of the profiles registered on LinkedIn are uncomplete? Yet it is true.


And if your profile is filled properly, it can bring you up to 40% more engagement and opportunities, so you should pay a good amount of attention to it.


There are an estimated 50% of LinkedIn profiles that are incomplete. Yet those who have complete LinkedIn profiles are 40 times more likely to receive relevant opportunities.


Several things can make your LinkedIn profile complete and increase its visibility among the viewers.


Take a look at the necessary points to state in your profile:


- You need to upload a photo of yourself or a brand logo;


- State your location and niche (industry);


- Your level of education;


- Your previous positions (at least two);


- The skills you possess;


- Connections (at least 50 of those).


The list can continue – the more information you add about your achievements, skills, experiences and connections, the better.


2. Make your profile personalized


Try to abstain from organizing your LinkedIn profile in a way that will make it look as a boring and plain resume. You are capable of so much more.


Include a part of your soul into that profile – and you’ll see that people will be much more interested to get in touch with you and make mutually beneficial connections with your business. There are several pieces of advice that can help you turn your “online resume” into a success-bringing tool.


Try to show people your personality through the profile. Give them a glimpse on what kind of  a person you are. Make them want to connect.


Be unique and demonstrate you have an independent opinion.


Another tip is to share the things you are passionate about, with your audience. Maybe it’s time to tell some personal story to make them relate to you.


Tell them why exactly you are with this brand, what kind of values you share and cherish, and your openness will be duly rewarded.


You also need to inform your followers and connections about your perspective. That’s how you start establishing yourself as an opinion leader.


3. Share your ideas as widely as possible


In order to become an opinion leader you need to share your views and position with as many people as possible, showing your level of expertise and knowledge of the latest trends in your niche. In order to do that, you need to learn how to promote your posts and blogs via social media and, most importantly, via the professional network that LinkedIn is.


Thought leaders are leaders who share their thinking publicly and build a following around their ideas.


Think about using LinkedIn’s built-in publishing platforms to promote your ideas and write great leadership content.


One of the platform’s noticeable benefits is that three of your most recent posts will be featured at the top of your page, so everyone will be able to see them.


Do not be afraid to put time and effort into developing your leadership content on LinkedIn – those efforts will pay off greatly!


4. Activate your profile


By activating your LinkedIn profile we are meaning it truly work for you and increase your profile views tenfold.


If you get the profile views from the relevant people on LinkedIn, you’ll get all the connections and perspectives you might need.


The secrets to activating your profile are pretty simple.


Take a look at these tricks you might use:


- Actively sending invitations to connect;


- Make relevant and regular updates;


- Send more InMails to your connections;


- Interact with your connections more actively;


- Use LinkedIn mobile app to always stay connected.


Make sure you get the most out of the possibilities LinkedIn offers for a marketer striving to promote his or her brand.


Let us know if you managed to use LinkedIn as a powerful social marketing tool, in the comment section below!

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