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How to Establish a Strong LinkedIn Presence

For a professional who wishes to successfully promote his product or brand establishing a strong LinkedIn presence is a must. LinkedIn is a main professional social platform, so it is truly irreplaceable when it comes to building the relationship with the fellow professionals in your niche, placing a job offer or looking for one.


That is why you are going to need LinkedIn for communication with both your clients and professional customers.


But simply creating a LinkedIn business page is not enough to guarantee your success in the said areas.


The thing is, there are more than four million business pages on this social platform, so you’ll need to try really hard in order not to get lost among the competitors.


You will need to start with a social media audit to check the strong and weak areas of your LinkedIn strategy and improve your promotion strategy accordingly.


We’ve chosen seven elements that a successful LinkedIn business page must have:


1. Mix the content


In order to create an interesting page people would want to return to you need to care about the types of content you mix on your page.


You cannot survive with plain text all over your page. Video and visual elements constitute an important element of the page.


You must also analyze your page regularly so that you can understand which strategy works best and gets more engagement from your fans.


It is proven that visual content gets more engagement and comments.


2. Post regularly


Make sure your page doesn’t look abandoned. A successful business must update its page at least once a day, and to create a successful platform presence you need to do it even more often.


It will help you make sure that audience stays engaged and regularly checks out your page for updates.


3. Remember the timing


You not only need to post a quality content but also to find a right time for it.

You can easily understand that posting even the best content when your targeted audience is sleeping is a great way to waste all of its potential.


Schedule post updates so that you can get to your audience even from the different time zones.

Traditionally the best time for updates is considered between 7-8 pm 5-6 pm.


That’s the time when most LinkedIn users check their pages.


4. Create a good profile picture


Profile picture is your business card in the world of social media. That is why it’s necessary to create a good one.


Make sure it answers all the LinkedIn requirements and is correctly cropped (the dimension required is 50x50 pixels) and is of highest quality.


You can use a brand logo as a profile picture to raise brand awareness.


5. Use a banner


On a banner you can indicate your area of expertise and the services you offer.


The size of the image should be at least 646×220.


Use a customized image that overlays the text over the image for better results.

If you change your banner often, it also makes your page look fresh.


6. Write a good description


The newcomers and potential customers will learn about your company from a page description so make it as vivid and bright as possible.


Tell them your company’s story, about your brand’s values, the qualities of your product.


You can also include the websites URL into the first sentence of the description to raise the traffic flow to your website.


7. Use the analytics


LinkedIn has the analytics option that you can use in order to understand which posts perform best.


You can view the impressions, clicks, and engagement metrics of each update so that you strategy is built accordingly.


Demographic data gives you the necessary information on the age, location, gender and hobbies of your targeted audience.


If you conduct this analysis, your LinkedIn presence will be as strong as ever!

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