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How to Become Visible on LinkedIn

Do you want to get more out of your LinkedIn profile? Extensive network, even though it is a big advantage, doesn’t guarantee you professional success. So here are few tips (most of these options are free) that will make your LinkedIn profile a tireless little helper on your road to success.


Take a look at these seven tips:


1. Connect through search, not through the profile button


This trick allows you to avoid proving you know the person you want to connect to through a mutually listed company or school. All you need is to search for the person you are interested in and use the Connect button next to his or her name. The invitation will be sent immediately.


2. While you explore the network, set up anonymous profile viewing


LinkedIn's default settings notify users when someone looks at their profiles. So if you want to check in on an old flame, change the settings to anonymous profile viewing. It will also help if you are looking up potential employees or vice versa and do not want them to get notified about your interest too soon.


With anonymous profile viewing you can remove all identifying information from your visit, so the people whose profiles you view won't knew you were there. I must warn you: it will also remove your ability to see others viewing your profile.


3. To get the best jobs or employees, use the advanced search


A basic search might not get you the best results – whether you are looking to hire someone or for someone to hire you. LinkedIn offers several paid upgrades that give you special tools for this, but a simple advanced search can also help you filter unnecessary posts and connections.


4. Start with importing your email contacts


Searching through your email contacts is a great way to find people – your clients and partners -that might have slipped your mind or work in a different industry than before, and add them as your connections.


5. Keep your personal data updated


Make sure your Linked in profile reflects your current work, skills and goals. Experience and education sections rarely need an update, but the work section must be constantly checked. Don’t forget to post data on your recent projects and achievements.


6. Use LinkedIn groups


Joining groups of users with similar experiences, jobs and interests is a great way to reach more people and resources. There are groups for colleges, industries, professional organizations, companies and common interests. It can make new achievements accessible.


7. Ask your connections for recommendations


Don’t shy out: a good recommendation can make a difference during a search for the job. LinkedIn has an option that allows users to recommend each other's work at certain companies. Recommendations make your profile more credible. It also demonstrates your connections actually care about you.


Get onboard an use these tips to succeed through LinkedIn!

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