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How to Beat your Competitors with LinkedIn

LinkedIn started as an online resume board, but now it is so much more. If you use it right, LinkedIn will give you huge benefits and will help in leaving the competitors behind. It will help you to build new relationships and boost the existing ones, reach to your clients and connect with the key stakeholders.


But to succeed you need all your team to work as one.


That, actually, is a rare case – most companies still consider LinkedIn to be that resume board. Creating a strong professional network on LinkedIn will help in boosting your company’s image, using your employees’ talents more wisely and broaden your professional connections.


To successfully implement LinkedIn into your company’s everyday life you will need an effective collaboration between the departments. Do not let them fight over the “who’s setting the strategy”. You need to work as a team – so it’s cooperation, not competition.


Be clear in setting the message: LinkedIn is a powerful tool that will allow you to put your competitors to shame. Make your employees want it just as badly as you do.


And you are ready to start:


1. Find a team


Make sure you’ve chosen the right people for the job. They must be the most enthusiastic, professional, flexible and quick-thinking of your employees. LinkedIn can be a great tool, but first it needs to be in the right hands.


2. Evaluate the existing assets


Before you start, you need answer several questions. Who of your employees already have LinkedIn profiles? How efficiently are they written? How many people follow your company’s page? Assessing the means you already have is an important phase of your conquest.


3. Find the celebrities


Some of your employees already are successful on LinkedIn. Use it to your benefit. Involve these people in your campaign.


4. Define the strategy


Once again, time for questions. What results do you expect in a month? In a year? How many employees do you want to involve? What are the steps that will help you achieve these goals?


5. Don’t save on trainings


Help your employees to get more successful on LinkedIn – and it will contribute to your company’s benefit as well. There are lots of development programs that can help you with it. Don’t hesitate to assist your employees in improving their skills. Moreover, for such dynamic tools as LinkedIn constant training is a must.


6. Analyze your actions and progress


At each stage, don’t forget to look back and assess the results of your activities on LinkedIn. Analyze the data received and modify your strategy accordingly. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new approaches for better results.


You do that right – and no competitor will ever be a threat to you.

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