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Four Tips To Build a Strong LinkedIn Presence

If you want to build your brand a name among the professionals, making it an opinion leader in the niche, you need to embrace the largest professional network in the world, which, unsurprisingly is LinkedIn.


The network is highly popular with the people who are considered to be the renowned experts in their field, and you should join their circle if you want to earn a good reputation among the true influencers.


Now, with Google acquiring LinkedIn for $26 billion, social network is set to have even better perspectives.


Nowadays the LinkedIn's user base nears 400 million users, and it is growing rapidly, so you need to establish a presence there if you want to gain the access to these users.


Even though most people use the network as the online resume posting tool, it still offers lots of opportunities for marketing and growing brand awareness. If you use LinkedIn's possibilities effectively, you can multiply your user base by the numbers.


We offer you several interesting insights into how you can use Linked in to your brand's benefit and success:


1. Optimize your profile


In order or your LinkedIn profile to become popular, you need to optimize it properly, so that search engines will be able to easily categorize and index it. It will play a crucial role in determining your position in the search results.


Most often, LinkedIn profiles are discovered through the direct search through the search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing, and it is extremely important to add all the relevant keywords to ensure you get to the first page.


If your brand can afford it, make sure you find a good SEO professional who will be able to optimize your profile according to the latest standards.


If not, start with creating a list of the keywords that are the most relevant to your niche, and including them into your profile.


These simple actions will heighten your chances to get noticed by potential clients and business partners.


2. Earn yourself a name


Starting an official company’s blog might be a great plaсe to start. That’s the best way to establish yourself as an influencer and create a network of collaborators, fellow experts and loyal fans.


Through adding blog entries regularly, you can quickly turn into an opinion leader. Provided that your blog posts will have actual added value, of course.


On LinkedIn you can use the long form content by posting in professional groups relevant to your niche. Make sure all of your posts are of the highest quality, because LinkedIn group members are usually very well-qualified and can spot even the smallest mistakes.


However, if you manage to impress them and earn their trust, rest assured: your success is as well as granted.


3. Use the team power


Your brand is a team, and you should remember that. Your employees can become a great asset in establishing your powerful online presence on LinkedIn. All you need to do is motivate and engage them.


If you are smart enough to build a long-term online presence development strategy, you will find a way to tap into your employees’ professional connections, using them to strengthen both your targeted audience and brand in general.


Consider asking your employees to say a couple of words about the company. The term is called employee advocacy, and this tactic has proven highly effective, since people are much more eager to believe people with real names and faces.


Use this human psychology trait to your brand’s reputational benefit.


4. Monitor the analytics


You cannot build a successful brand presence without a powerful and detailed strategy, and you cannot spot the strategic failures and modify your strategy according to the situation as soon as the need arises.


That is why you need to pay some serious attention to all kinds of analytics reflecting your performance.


Thankfully, you can learn a lot from the Publisher’s stats, the analytics tool LinkedIn kindly provides to all its users.


Through this tool, you can learn how many people have viewed your posts per week, month or year, did they engage with the said posts and so on.


The better you know your audience – the more you are able to tailor your posts to its needs, therefore receiving more engagement, traffic, leads and conversions.


Another helpful analytics tool you can use is the Company notification center, also provided by LinkedIn.


If you learn all the information in time, you will be able to modify your strategy when needed and guarantee each of your posts will be extremely successful.


Use these posts to build an effective and strong LinkedIn presence and establish yourself as an opinion leader.


Let us know about your successes in the comments below!

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