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Five Tips to Define if You are Successful on LinkedIn

If you are a marketer trying to build a highly professional brand, and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are too mainstream for you and do not really correspond to your goals, you need to take on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is not only a social network for professionals, it is also a large and powerful search engine which will allow you to target exactly the people and the companies that you want to target.


However, since LinkedIn is used by the marketers less actively than social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google plus and Pinterest, only very few professionals know how to use it for marketing and advertising purposes.


Nevertheless, LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting one's business, and no matter your niche, your targeted audience will be there.


Forgetting about the possibilities LinkedIn offers is the gravest mistake an aspiring business can make, and you don't want to be that business, do you?


When you started the campaign, it's quite important to know where you stand - it will allow you modify your strategy if needed and let you know about the highest and lowest points of your campaign.


Take a look at five tips that will help you define  if you are moving in the right direction:


1. Check how big your network is


What is important is not the plain numbers, but the people you get access to through your connections. The more 2nd and 3rd level connections you gain, the more perspectives you gain along with them. Access is the key need for a modern business.


All those 2nd and 3rd level connections are potential fans, clients, partners or opinion leaders whose expertise you can use.


With the first level connections, the goal of your business is to reach at least 500. Then you'll be considered a serious and respected brand.


2. Check how many people view your profile


You can only be successful if people are interested in you. Which is why the quantity of profile views is a good measure of brand's achievements. If you have lots of connections but neither them nor the people from outside are truly interested in you, these connections are basically useless.


How to get people interested in you? Create a good, strong profile and also give people something new to pique their curiosity.


Optimizing your profile by adding the keywords relevant to your niche is also extremely important, so don't forget to do it. Then you'll appear higher in the LinkedIn search results, and that means more people searching for your niche-related topics will get a chance to see you and potentially decide to engage or at least scroll through tour page.


Also remember to keep the content you are hosting of the high quality not to disappoint your potential customers.


3. Check how many people recommend you


People would love to receive the confirmation that others have collaborated with you in the past and that said collaboration has been extremely successful and mutually beneficial. This is exactly the reason why most people look for reviews before buying something or engaging with a company.


And that means you are going to need more than one recommendation on LinkedIn - you need to show your potential clients they can trust you.


The more recommendations you get, the more credible and trustworthy you appear to the people trying to decide whether they should choose you.


If these don't come naturally, do not hesitate to reach out to your partners and existing customers to say several positive words about you.


4. Ask people to confirm your skills


One more thing your customers and partners can help you with is the skill confirmation and expertise endorsement. This is extremely important for LinkedIn.


If your skill level is confirmed, you will rank higher in the search results - and in the eyes of your potential customers, too.


Again, don't be afraid to ask your partners and clients for a boost - it doesn't take long but will really increase your results.


5. Check your number of invitations


Creating a LinkedIn profile isn't enough - you need to keep it going by posting updates, adding new skills and experiences.


The more active you are, the more new people will send you and invite to stay connected. If you look at the number of invites you receive, you can easily determine whether your promotional campaign is going well and whether people want to be in touch with your business.


So make sure you pay attention and draw the correct conclusions out of information received.


LinkedIn is a great way to promote your business if you know how to use it and know where you going.


With our five simple, yet important steps you'll have no problems with that!


Let us know how these tips have been working for you, in the comments section below.

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