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7 Secrets of Success on LinkedIn

These days, Internet becomes more and more mobile. Most traffic social platforms get comes from the mobile devices, and LinkedIn is no exception.


The recent launch of Voyager, new LinkedIn mobile app, only adds to this trend. That is why a marketer who wants to build a truly impressive presence on LinkedIn needs to pay special attention to the mobile. Smartphones and tables become more and more common, and you need to take this into account.


Let us share a few tips on optimizing your LinkedIn marketing strategy so that your campaign gets as much engagement as possible.


Take a look at these simple tips:


1. Pay attention to the introduction


The main rule of marketing is to keep it short and simple (this rule is best known as a KISS principle).


When you write the introduction text for your Sponsored updates, that principle is as relevant as ever.


To grab the attention of the audience, you have no more than 8 seconds (thank the mobile devices for that), so the knowledge of how to charm a potential customer becomes an essential skill for an aspiring marketer.


While speaking to your targeted audience, make sure you address the people you are trying to engage, directly. The correct words to be used during the campaign are "you", "businessmen", "marketers" or "lawyers" depending on the audience you are targeting.


This way you make sure the audience stays connected and their attention are focused on you.


Another important moment to remember is keeping the introduction text limit. It's best not to exceed the ideal 150 characters, otherwise people will have to "read more" - and you'll definitely lose a certain percent of your audience on that stage.  


2. Make sure the visuals are relevant


Since your main task is to grab the attention of the audience, visuals are the first thing to be considered. The bright image can do half of your job.


New LinkedIn's app allows for richer and larger images. This way you can get the most out of limited possibilities of the smartphone graphics.


Make sure the images correspond to the following dimensions: 1200 pixels wide and 627 pixels tall.


You can drive lots of traffic to your website by actively posting rich and vivid images. You need to know that the Sponsored updates containing graphic images get more clicks and engagement in general.


Make sure your Sponsored images contain the link to the landing page of your website.


Videos are another great way to tell your audience the story of your brand. 59% of businessmen admit they prefer to watch a video about a product before buying it, so creating a good video can be a valuable investment.


You can use YouTube, Slideshare, and Vimeo players for the LinkedIn sponsored updates.


3. Keep your landing age optimized


Recent studies show that people tend to stay on a lead form for no more than 10-20 seconds, so you need to make it as short as possible.


To get the best results you need to limit the form fields to three or four.


Marketers admit that the shorter is the lead form, the higher are conversion rates, the better is the quality of the leads and the better is the ROI in the end.


4. Use LinkedIn sponsored InMail


LinkedIn offers its members a new and a great way to communicate with their connections inside the platform.


Sponsored InMail messages are much easier to deal with now, with the launch of the new mobile app.


5. Make a clean way for your viewers


Make sure your audience wants to read more. The subject line in the preview must be no longer than 27 characters, otherwise it can get torn during the preview.


The subject line is also the header of your message. Remember that.


Message should not be too long - keep it in limits of 1,000 characters. Do not experiment too much with the format so that your message does not seem too promotional.


Organize your message in a way that ultimately leads the visitors to your landing page.


Make sure you give the reader clearly defined information about what should they expect on your landing page. The last sentence must be at the same time a call to action.


6. Make sure your message is credible


Sponsored InMail allows you to send personal messages to highly segmented audience. You can determine the settings by yourself.


You can get even to the audience that is incredibly hard to engage under normal conditions.


It would also be a great idea to add a hyperlink into the body of your message in order to motivate the reader to explore more of your content.


7. Answer the main questions


Do you know how to avoid being considered spammy? You need to connect with your reader personally.


He or she should know you're speaking to them directly, and not just to every person whose email address you have managed to lay your hands on.


Your message needs to give the reader the answer to 3 main questions:


- Why did he or she get this message;


- What can they get from it;


- What do they need to do in order to get it.


Follow these rules and LinkedIn will become a source of your marketing success!

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