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6 Tips for the Team to Conquer LinkedIn

Do you feel tired, exhausted and severely underappreciated after trying to manage your company’s LinkedIn page on your own? Even if you are doing a great job, by trying to do it alone you might be losing a great deal of awesome opportunities you could’ve seized if you motivated your employees to take part in the general action.


If you make people engage into promoting your LinkedIn company page, you’ll see your results grow visibly really fast.


We at YBMG decided to gather few tips that may come in handy for the marketers planning to involve their employees in more active teamwork on the company LinkedIn page. The tips are simple yet effective.


Here’s how you get successful on LinkedIn:


1. Get your leaders talking


Chances are, your company's leaders are already popular and considered known experts in your niche. That means you can use their acquired potential to benefit your brand and promote it in LinkedIn.


They could be already creating their own unique content which can be of use for you. Even if they don't, for example, you can use the marketing team to create the content.


Make sure your leaders play into the team. It can benefit you in a number of ways. Not only will your brand's opinion leaders get more recognition and expand their follower base, but the brand page will also grow more popular because of their authority.


2. Use the links


Building the link mass is extremely important for a brand struggling to earn itself a name in the difficult world of Internet and social media.


If your company already has a blog, do not forget to add the link to it to your profile page' description. If it doesn't, start one.


After you post something meaningful of LinkedIn make sure it gets shared on all of your pages in the social networks (possibly with slight iterations).


3. Give the brand a human face


Your employees might have lots of creative ideas that might benefit the brand greatly. Do not hesitate to use this potential.


Make sure you are open to suggestions and every employee has a possibility to come up with an idea and get heard.


Use your regional managers to strengthen the local connections as they have the benefit of knowledge and language.


Use the possibilities for brand promotions that product managers give you.


Give people managing customer service to communicate on the most frequently asked questions so they can connect with your targeted audience.


4. Motivate everybody


If your employees link their personal pages to the company's, that will generate new possibilities to growing your following base as more people will see the profile, and some of them will be interested in the products or services you offer.


There are high chances your employees will support the company's content. in fact, according to the latest research, they are 70% more likely to like, click or comment on the content their employer is posting.


5. Grow your following


The more followers you have, the more attention your content gets. That is why you are going to need a real army of devoted followers who'll gladly help you conquer LinkedIn.


People are also more likely to comment on the posts that are actively liked and also contain at least some comments.


6. Market everywhere


And that "everywhere" literally means what it says. Incorporate a link to your page into your main website' page, into the descriptions in all of the other social media, into the email listing an even the email signatures of your employees.


Get those follow buttons everywhere.


You can be pretty awesome on your own, but in order to truly conquer the LinkedIn you are going to need some decent teamwork.


Encourage your employees to take part in all the fun, express their ideas, comment on the posts, and publish their own content.


We have no doubt that with our tips your team will make it!

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