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3 Best Ways to Generate Leads With LinkedIn

You might still remember the time when the sole purpose of creating a LinkedIn account was posting your resume there.


A lot of things changed with time, and that applies to LinkedIn, too, as now it’s one of the major social platforms that can help you in advancing your brand and also generating more leads to your main website.


There are plenty of possibilities that LinkedIn offers – content publishing, groups, interactive profiles and many others.


We decided to create а list of three main ways to generate more leads with the help of LinkedIn:


1. Use the chance to publish content


As the LinkedIn expands, it is becoming a more and more popular platform for publishing expert content, especially if it concerns b2b sphere.


Through publishing the quality content on the topics relevant to your niche and useful to fans and potential customers.


You can even send your texts into the LinkedIn community.


Here is the algorithm to how you should do it:


First, you go to LinkedIn homepage, then choose the pencil icon in the right corner and proceed to the publishing tool.


In the publishing tool, you get the possibility to write the headline and the body of your post and even add an image, if needed.


After you are done with that, simply click Publish.


That is a great chance to raise your brand awareness and grow your following.


If the results you are getting from posting are not enough for you, you can also pay for your posts in order to promote them.


2. Remember about second and third degree connections


You can also promote yourself and your brand via mutual connections.


That in some way broadens the possibility to advertise via mouth-to-mouth method, which is one of the most effective.


To use this possibility, you need to use the LinkedIn option that allows you to define your second and third degree connections, i.e. people connected to you via mutual acquaintances.


You can brush through the profiles you found, define the ones that could become your potential clients and then introduce yourself.


The mutual connections between you can serve as some kind of recommendation.


3. Create your own groups and participate in those relevant to your niche


The importance of participation in LinkedIn group is undeniable. Groups, in fact, are the main means of assuring a brand’s success on this professional platform.


That is why you need to develop an appropriate group strategy to pursue as a part of your marketing campaign.


Through participation in groups you can make more connections and establish yourself as an opinion leader in your niche.


In return, you need to make sure information you are posting to the group is new, relevant and useful.


It would be wise to join several groups connected to your niche at first and make a name for yourself as an expert in the field.


Then, after you’ve earned the credibility, you can take your strategy to the next level and start a group of your own.


Make sure you gained enough credibility to convince others your group is worth joining.


These three easy steps require only commitment and readiness to act. So start doing it today!

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