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10 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

When you first create a profile on LinkedIn, you are usually naive, optimistic and cannot wait to communicate with potential business partners, clients and fans. You dream of expanding your reach, getting enormous feedback and optimizing your strategy according to the data received from the people who will engage with you on LinkedIn.


However, the reality might appear much harsher. Days turn into weeks, and the only person who cared to contact you via LinkedIn is your company’s cofounder. Tons of mails sent to the potential business partners remain unchecked.


That is probably the point where you’ll start questioning your brand’s effectiveness and doubt whether you can be a successful manager. Despair not. Chances are you simply made one of the common mistakes many newcomers make on LinkedIn. In other words, failed to develop a strategy that will help you conquer this fast-growing professional network.


LinkedIn is a highly professional social network. Should you learn to use it correctly, it will become your best friend and mentor in developing new connection and expanding your reach. It grows at the rate of 2 new members per second. By now it has 364 million members, among which there are 3 million company profiles.


By the way, 88% of Fortune 100 companies actively use this social network.


Vastness of LinkedIn contains great possibilities, but it may also become a problem for a new company desperately trying t make its presence felt. If you do not want to be one of the myriad faceless invisible companies, you must learn to stand out.


As soon as you get the attention, your LinkedIn profile becomes an opportunity to promote your brand. As your LinkedIn SEO increases, so does your targeted audience.  


There are dozens and hundreds, if not thousands, companies working in your field. Big companies and clients have a variety of choices, and they usually start with the keywords identifying the things they need. On the other end, you describe your company’s goods and services. If your offer matches their demand, you get a chance to get engagement.


To help you increase the chances of being noticed we’ve developed a simple yet effective 10-step strategy.


This is how you single-handedly optimize your LinkedIn profile:


Step 1. Start with a custom profile URL


By default, your LinkedIn URL is a combination of random letters and numbers. Easy to miss, hard to remember. Not working very well. Not looking professional, either.


However, you have an opportunity to customize it into your brand’s name with only a few clicks. Through this, you will receive an URL that will speak of your company at instant. This will give you several benefits: your page will be optimized for a search and much easier to find, and it will give your brand’s page a much more professional look.


Through that, attracting new customers and partners will become much easier.


Step 2. Choose the keywords


Before starting your page, scroll through the keywords most commonly used in your field or niche.


You can choose the ones that are the best choice for you with the help of Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Through this tool, you will be able to add popular keywords to your profile and increase your chances of being found.


Step 3. Get a good profile picture


You might have heard that the first impression, which is formed in 25 seconds of initial contact, determines the further communication. In the digital world your profile picture is where the potential customers and partners get that first impression from.


Make sure you chose the dimensions right, and that your photo is of a best quality.


Brand’s logo must be clearly visible, colors – bright and rich. Make sure everything looks appropriate and falls in line with the image you want to pursue.


Step 4. Filter your content


Constantly updating your page is not only annoying, it is also ineffective. Quality must come before quantity. In other words, make sure every update you post or information you add is highly relevant, unique and useful for your peers.


Don't forget to use as many keywords you've chosen during the Step 2 as possible. That will also add to your page' search engine optimization.


Use the keywords strategically (include them in the titles of your posts)  so that they get higher rankings in the search results.


Step 5. Add the link to your main website


LinkedIn options allow you to add up to 3 links to your brand's websites in your profile. Through that option you can reroute your targeted audience to your main website or to your brand's pages on other social platforms.


Make sure all the links are optimized and shortened.


And don't miss this opportunity!


Step 7. Don't forget to fill in your profile


Company with an empty profile doesn't look that trustworthy.


Remember that filling the profile gives you a great chance to introduce your targeted audience, potential customers and partners to your brand's history, it's achievements, lifestyle and values.


Also remember there mustn't be a single empty field left. Your profile must be 100% completed. If you hadn't yet, go and do it right now!


Make your customers want to know more about you. Let them get to know you.


Step 7. Tell about your products and successes


Share all your product's successes. Tell the stories of people who've had positive experience with your brand. Don't shy away: those are your actual achievements, and the customers no doubt want to know who they're dealing with.


It's a priceless opportunity to tell your story through visuals, videos and other unique content.


Step 8. Participate in groups


You should find LinkedIn groups relevant to your niche and join them. This will allow you to widen your reach greatly, get in touch with competitors and potential business partners, and keep an eye on every upcoming trend.


Joining group also raises your search engine visibility.


It will give you another chance to stand out and therefore get noticed.


Step 9. Use the recommendations


This step is pretty similar to Step 7, where you needed to share your achievements. Ask your partners and clients to write a little something about their experience of working with you.


Such reviews done by actual brands and people will boost your credibility and raise you in the eyes of the potential customers.


Don't be afraid to show what you can do.


Step 10. Engage


Participate in groups. Connect with new people. Communicate. Don't shy away. Show your expertise and endorse your connections.


Building an awesome profile is not enough - you also need to build on it.


So never abandon your LinkedIn profile. Keep it fresh, keep it updated, stay in touch with your connections.


Add the information about your newest achievements and products.


And then your audience will multiply - with the help of this simple LinkedIn strategy!

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