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10 Tips For Growing Your Business With LinkedIn

If you are a professional trying to build a name for your business, LinkedIn is the network best suited for this purpose.


LinkedIn was created for  the needs of professionals, and it remains the biggest network for establishing working relationship, finding partners and endorsing one's professional interests.


With the help of LinkedIn you can also make yourself a name as an opinion leader by updating your page with important thoughts relevant to your niche.


Considering the above, LinkedIn also offers great marketing possibilities. However, this feature of the platform is severely underappreciated. Only few marketers know how to use LinkedIn effectively in their advertising campaigns.


That's a plus for you, because LinkedIn gives you a great possibility to appeal to your targeted audience through the highly professional means, and the competition on the platform is actually much less than on Twitter, Facebook and other social media that matter.


With LinkedIn you can get yourself more traffic, get more leads and conversions and ultimately increase the sales.


But first you need to learn how to get your LinkedIn strategy right.


We've prepared you 7 tips that will help you strengthen your brand:


1. Set up a brand's page


Your brand's page is basically your face on LinkedIn, that's why it is so important that you keep it well-organized and constantly updated with the relevant information. If your LinkedIn company page looks abandoned, it won't add neither to your credibility nor trustworthiness.


Make sure you publish all the important company information and updates on your brand's LinkedIn page.


Remember that your page’ description is the main source of information for the people who encounter your brand for the first time. That is why all the necessary information should be filled in thoroughly.


2. Update regularly


You cannot establish a brand’s presence on LinkedIn without putting some (sometimes, considerable) effort into it. To keep your page running you need to update it regularly with all the latest information about your company.


You can organize a single company page or start several of them – though it might be unnecessary for small or medium-sized enterprises.


Too many pages can exhaust you too soon. Also remember that you can use a variety of online tools to schedule posts ahead of time and get your hands free.


3. Customize your URL


With LinkedIn, you can make your page look more professional by customizing your URL instead of leaving it a random combination of symbols you receive by default.


Custom URL has many advantages, main of them being its classiness and making it easier to remember if a user wants to visit your page once again.


4. Create a network


LinkedIn allows you many targeting options, starting from gender, location and profession to more precise ones. With the help of the platform, you can build a highly relevant network of people you are interested in and later turn them into your customers.


Do not add random people to your network if you desire to get the real results and make your advertising campaigns truly effective.


5. Involve your colleagues


You do not have to do it alone. Encourage your colleagues and employees to take part in promoting your brand on LinkedIn – both with their personal pages and via the company page.


Pay attention to the ideas that your employees may come up with – that could be a great help in promoting your brand.


6. Create groups


Groups are a great way of building influence on LinkedIn, and that is exactly why you definitely need to create one.


Invite the members of your network to the group.


Through the groups and InMail feature LinkedIn offers you will be able to contact even people who aren’t even in your connections list.


7. Join other groups


The same goes for the groups created by the other LinkedIn members – they also can prove to be a valuable asset in your battle for brand awareness, potential customers, conversions, leads and traffic for your main website.


LinkedIn allows you to join no more than 50 groups, so choose wisely. You can join both public and closed groups. In the latter case the process of gaining access to the group can take quite some time, so make sure that is indeed the group you want to join.


Do not waste your time in vain.


8. Communicate


Being a silent member of the group isn’t exactly a great strategy for a brand aspiring to build a strong Internet presence. You need to speak out, to be heard, to deliver your opinion on the pressing issues in your niche.


Take part in the group discussions, engage into conversations, show that you have the knowledge and the expertise.


You can also use this as a chance to promote your content and yourself as a brand.


9. Don’t limit yourself to sales


People do not like brands that are interesting merely in selling them their products or services they provide. You need to become their friend (in a way that’s possible in the social media, of course).


Always react to feedback. Express expert opinion on the problems that are bothering your targeted audience.


Do not forget to create and update unique, interesting and high-quality content.


10. Build the strategy and define your goals


Try to define the results you want to reach as clearly as possible. Then you will be able to assess how well is your campaign going and even make the necessary corrections in the process to eliminate the flaws, if needed.


Besides, knowing your goals strengthens the motivation – that goes to both you and your team.


Use these 10 LinkedIn tips to expand your reach and go to the new level of brand promotion!

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