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Six Tips to Make Your Instagram Posts Sell

Instagram is an extremely powerful social platform, which has become something of a Mecca for those aiming to show their lives are interesting and full of events, wanting to document their travel, looks and thousands of other little thing.


Instagram, even though it's popularity streak has started only in 2014, is quickly conquering position after position, ambitiously aiming to become the one and only largest image sharing social platform in the world.


This platform is used for all the sorts of people, and for the different purposes - some post photos in order to show their skill with camera or tell others the story of their life; but others can also use it - and, mind it, quite successfully - to promote their products and services via the means of visuals.


However, if you believe that a good photo with couple of decent filters added is enough to attract the attention of your followers and potential customers, you are dead wrong. And here's why.


The competition here on Instagram is literally mad. There are more than 300 million people who want their photos to be noticed, too. To stand out, you are going to need something more than simply awesome photos.


You need to learn how to introduce them in an attention-capturing way. And here are 6 simple tips that will help you do it:


1. Communicate right


In order to grow your reach and attract new followers out of your comfort zone, you need to learn how to use the trending hashtags. These will help you connect with much wider audience, full of people who can potentially become your loyal customers in the future.


In order to make hashtags really work for you, remember to keep them short and simple - actually, the shorter the better.


Also make sure the hashtags are relevant to the image your posting, and don't overburden your followers with the hashtags: five to ten under one image are more than enough.


2. Communicate through your posts


When people reach out to you, either by reposting what you wrote or commenting under your posts, always take time to connect with these people.


Make sure you never leave a comment unanswered. Otherwise it could seriously hinder your process of building the relationship with the followers and potential customers.


3. Explain your images


Image can be insanely beautiful but what is important is that you learn how to pass your message over to the readers through it.


Otherwise it will not serve your intended purpose - to assist you in promoting your product or service.


Make sure the caption under the photo provides enough backstory to explain your followers what exactly is going on.


4. Breaking your captions into paragraphs


Instagram itself doesn't allow such an option, which can be totally frustrating. Neither the paragraphs or line breaks are possible.


However, there is a cunning way to get what you want: if you pre-write your post in the app you use for creating notes, and then copy and paste it into Instagram, you'll totally get the paragraphs you need.


5. Study your followers


To connect with the people following you, you need to learn what kinds of images they prefer, what makes them relate to you, and then use it to modify you posting strategy accordingly to their tastes.


You can study them through experimenting with different types of images, different hashtags and even by asking the direct questions.


Also remember to keep your images of the highest quality.


6. Communicate clearly


Do not use short forms or slang that can easily be misinterpreted by your followers and potential customers.


These misunderstandings create confusion and do not add to the task of growing your reach and winning your followers over.


With these 6 simple tips your Instagram posts will not only be beautiful from the point of visuals, but also effective from the point of marketing.


Keep up the good work and share your own secrets to making Instagram work for you!

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