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Quick Tips to Start Selling on Instagram

Are you a new brand that strives to sell its products on Instagram? Or, perhaps, you simply want to be more successful at selling them?


Instagram is a great platform for generating leads, finding new customers and growing your following. Instagram enjoys more than 400 million monthly active users (and, mind that, 75% of those are situated outside the US), and 3.5 billion likes daily.


80 million photos are posted on Instagram every day, and the general amount of photos uploaded to the platform has reached 40 billion.


No wonder you can boost your sales greatly with the help of this invaluable tool – provided you know the rules of selling on Instagram.


Let us introduce you 5 tips that will help you to learn how to do it:


1. Be unique


In order for the potential customers to memorize you and come back to your page once more, you need to develop a signature look. Standing out is the first rule of succeeding on Instagram.


To stand out, you will need many unique and high-quality photos. They need to depict your product, your team, and your shops.


You will also need some quality photos for your profile picture and the banner.


Your page will have to be decorated in the single style – you might want to stick to your brand’s colors, but with a little bit of personal touch here and there.


Make sure you use the right filters – and do not overuse them, since it can be a great letdown. Do not limit yourself to standard filters, and browse the Internet occasionally to find new ones. Though some photos actually look perfect as they are – keep that in mind.


2. Write personalized product descriptions


To sell successfully, you will need to find a right balance between staying clear on what kind of product are you actually selling and yet write the descriptions in a way that would intrigue the potential customers, thus motivating them to click on the link and even make a purchase after that.


Adding some emoji is a one way of achieving that. Since emoji has become a word of the year in 2015, using them will resonate well with the audience.


Try using them to spice up your product descriptions.


Emoji can also be a great helper in attracting the young audience.


3. Learn to use the hashtags


Instagram, like Twitter, is very hashtag-oriented. That is why a careful use of hashtags is important.


You need to add one or two hashtags to each post describing your product.


To find new trending hashtags you can use an Instagram option Search and explore. It defines the most popular hashtag depending on your demographics.


Another way to use hashtags is creation ow your own branded hashhtags, tying them to some sale or event. You can do regramming of your followers’ photos with this hashtag. To find these photos, use the Regram app.


4. Make buying easy


To encourage your followers to make a purchase make the process easy and quick, so they won’t have time for second thoughts.


To achieve that, you can add shoppable links into your bio. That will free you from the need to shorten link and post them in the product descriptions.


You can also use different Instagram selling tools like Have2Have.It.


By the way, products from ecommerce databases like Shopify and WooCommerce can also be imported into lnstagram.


5. Use the opinion leaders


The opinion of people who are considered experts in your niche is incredibly important and therefore can boost your sales greatly – or make them go down.


That is why partnering and cooperating with the influencer can be a great way to promote your brand and engage your potential customers.


Finding the opinion leaders can be done with tools like Captiv8.


If an influencer takes part in your marketing campaign, it can skyrocket your engagement and sales. All you need to do is to build your communication in a right way.


There are millions of ways to boost your sales via Instagram, and starting with these 5 you can build up your success strategy and make your brand a hit!


Tell us which ones worked best of you and share your own tips below!

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