You can boost your sales greatly with the help of this invaluable tool – provided you know the rules of selling on Instagram
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Instagram is the most visual of social platforms, and  it can be of a good use for a marketer. Here's how you can make it serve your brand. 
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Both Instagram and Facebook are invaluable tools for building a strong social media presence and running a successful marketing campaign. But you need to choose one that suits you best.
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Instagram may seem alien to some newcomers, but it's rapidly growing and becomes more and more essential element to building a successful marketing strategy. Try out these tips!
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Instagram marketing is a worthwhile but a very delicate process that demands patience, creativity and a unique approach. Use Instagram for promoting your brand’s lifestyle. Don’t simply try to sell – inspire. Share ideas.
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Small companies don’t have an opportunity to advertise on Instagram with special paid features – at least for now. But there are plenty of organic ways to make your brand successful on Instagram and grow your audience.
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