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Make Followers Engage on Instagram

The main measure for your Instagram marketing strategy must be the engagement. Here users get  a possibility to share photos and videos with their followers and make them more invested in the brand.


Average engagement for a follower on Instagram stands at 4,21%.


After gathering an initial audience consisting of your fans and devoted followers, it's pretty hard to expand further and make people who were simply passing by return to your page once more.


But there are some ways to secure steady organic growth without investing in costly and not-always-efficient advertisement campaigns.


We've chosen the ones we consider the best.  Read, take your pick and tell us how these tips worked for you!


1.  Post regularly


You need to choose a stable frequency for the new posts appearing on your page. You can shift half an hour here and there, of course, but the consistency must be present.


If you share some new photos or videos every day, it will help you to build stable relationship with your audience and make people warm up to you.


It is also the best way to grow your following organically.


Average frequency is 2.3 posts a day for smaller brands and 7.24 posts a day for larger ones.


2. Work on your profile


It is the first thing newcomers see when they open your page; it's also here that potential customers get information about your brand from. That is why you need to be precise: use brand's logo for the profile picture and adjust the photo to Instagram requirements.


The only live link Instagram allows is the link in your profile, so make best of it. Choose where you want to redirect the traffic flow - to your brand's main website, shop or another social media account.


You can also include hashtags into your profile description to engage more followers. Keep in mind it won't be clickable there.


3.  Converse


Knowing your audience is a key to winning. If you engage with the followers, you can learn a lot about their tastes, preferences, do's and dont's. That, in turn, will be a great help in determining your niche and expanding your reach to those who will be likely to follow your brand. You can also determine the geographic of your targeted audience and then use the data received to your advantage.


Don't hesitate to ask your followers questions. How was their experience with your brand? Did they notice the latest improvement and what do they think of it? What would they want to see next?


Add photos, screenshots, videos and hashtags to make posts more engaging.


4. Use the captions


Captions add depth to the story and make your stories look more alive. New people find your brand with the help of right captions and relevant hashtags, so don't be afraid to use them. Instagram settings allow users to use up to 30 hashtags in one post but don't get too excited, otherwise you risk irritating your followers with the hashtag avalanche.


10-11 hashtags will be enough to appear in search results and yet keep the appearance.


Remember the hashtag must be relevant. Study hashtags your targeted audience uses more often. Act accordingly.


@Mentions, like hashtags, increase engagement, so make sure you don't forget about them, too.


5. Respond to your followers


Taking part in conversations in time and talking to followers is also an effective way to increase engagement.  Not every comment needs a reply, but make sure to respond to those that do: questions, suggestions and complaints.


When responding to a comment by a follower, always include his or her handle. Then he or she will receive a notification.  Also check when other people are @mentioning  you and comment back. Even a mere thank you will be a bonus in your online karma.


6. Make offers


Share some Instagram-only bargains, compliments, contests and discount codes with your followers. Make them feel special. Don't just copy Facebook offers: specific ones give people a reason to connect with you on every social platform your brand is present on.


Also use Instagram Direct to send specific offers or rewards to compliment specific followers.


7. Create your own #hashtags


Branded hashtags are very useful. They can help you track all the product mentions, serve as a free advertisement and provoke engagement.


Through them followers can join the conversation about your brands' achievements, lifestyle, upcoming events and so on.


Initially it will add to raising brand awareness.


Turn your imagination on and #create!


8. Use popular hashatgs


Another way to widen your reach is to use hashtags that are already famous so people regularly search for them and click on them. This is a great possibility to reach out to new people who wouldn't get acquainted with your brand otherwise.


You should definitely monitoring and engagement for key hashtags in your Instagram marketing strategy to determine the most popularand motivating hashtags.


9. Use the fan-generated content


Sharing is growing! While unique content is important, sharing and reposting some stuff created by your fans makes them feel special. Needed. It motivates them and ultimately strengthens your core audience.


Encourage followers by reposting their photos, adding an instruction for other fans on how to make sure their own photos appear in your brand’s newsfeed.


Just remember the permissions and copyrights!


10. Make it a contest


Getting new followers is easier if they have the right motivation. Remember every once in a while to host some contest or offer sales.


You can make a term for entering something like leaving a comment tagging a friend—this can bring you a vast amount of new fans.


Keep track on  Instagram’s promotion guidelines and rules concerning the prizes. Don't mess it up!


11. Involve the opinion  leaders


Use  Instagram’s Explore feature  to find accounts, photos and videos that may be of interest to you. Search for hashtags that are popular in your niche.


Follow the influential users and experts and make friends with them.


Friendship really is magic.


12. Monitor demographic


Instagram allows to click on the location the photo was taken and see all other photos posted from there. Use this feature for the events your hosting, shops you are opening and so on.


Through location monitoring you can find accounts of people and brands with similar interests in your niche.


It can also give you advice on where to expand your network.


Instagram may seem alien to some newcomers, but it's rapidly growing and becomes more and more essential element to building a successful marketing strategy.


Try out the tips we offered and share your experience!

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