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Learn How to Conquer Instagram

Have you tried using Instagram for promoting your business or brand and failed? Is your channel’s growth to slow – or perhaps it isn’t growing at all?


You are not the only one faced with this problem.


Instagram marketing is a worthwhile but a very delicate process that demands patience, creativity and a unique approach.


For you to prevail in this battle we’ve chosen the main rules any successful Instagram marketer should follow.


1. Watch out for hot topics and trends


Trends are what make you popular. A successful marketer must learn to recognize them instantly, follow the trends and exploit them to his profit. If you want to grow your brands awareness and fast, one of the best ways to do it is to follow popular trends and hashtags on Instagram thus supplying your followers and readers with what they desire – let it be kittens, celebrities or social topics.


A popular food brand Dunkin’ Donuts is the best example of a company who made a huge success through following the trending topics.


It instantly reacts to any important event – national holiday, successful movie etc.,  which helps them to grow their fan base and keep the existing customers and followers interested.


2. Keep your followers engaged


Promoting your brand in Instagram has two sides. You cannot succeed through mere talking – you must also learn to listen. To turn your clients into devoted followers you must show that your brand cares for them, that it’s highly interested in their opinion.


Through that strategy you can make sure your followers will never grow bored of you, keep them engaged and interested and who knows – perhaps even get an outstanding piece of advice or a brilliant business idea.


Beauty retailer Bath & Body Works uses hashtags to engage its community and excites followers who get noticed.


3. Study your followers


To sell something to your followers you have to understand them. What products would they like to hear about? What interests are they sharing via the internet?


Monitor their likes, shares, hashtags they use most often – and you will be able to deliver just what your customers dream about.


Modify your content strategy accordingly.


4. Learn how to use hashtags


Learn everything about the hashtags your followers use – they are the best way to learn about their interests, preferences and behavior. To succeed in Instagram marketing you must learn to create the best hashtags that will go viral.


Study your community’s demographics to determine which hashtags are suitable for your brand.


However, know your limits and try not to fall victim to  #hashtagabuse


Another retailer, Topshop, has mastered the art of sharing its beauty ideas outside the commutiny through the right hashtags such as #Topshopstyle. People can post their looks to a community page – it grows engagement and encourages customers.


5. Keep your content fresh


You should remember to post only relevant quality content. If no content gets shared from your brand’s account, you will never succeed in Instagram marketing.


Starbucks is a brand who uses visual abilities of Instagram to their fullest. They post videos, photos – everything that promotes their brand and lifestyle.


6. Keep your content unique


Nobody will follow an account if everything that is posted on its page is shared content, reposts and old stories.


Use Instagram for promoting your brand’s lifestyle, not for boring ads. Fans will appreciate that and will return to your page again and again.


Don’t simply try to sell – inspire. Share ideas.


Try the approach GoPro camera uses. @GoPro shares not only ads – it shares the experiences its customers had with their product.


7. Don’t forget about the contests


Don’t know how to engage your audience and generate tons of shares, quality content and likes? Run a photo contest!


You get customers to promote your brand with the use of prizes and giveaways. Get involved with the most passionate and involved fans during the contest. Use their work to promote the brand.


8. Allow your customers tell the story


Positive experience with your product is the best way to advertise. Encourage the customers who share their experiences. React to both compliments and critique.


Show them you care – and they will care as well.



9. Promote your fans



Share the content your fans are sharing about their experience with your brand to increase it’s reach and encourage others. Make your customers – the most active of them – the influencers who will widen your reach and tell your brand’s story.


Allow your community to grow.


Nine easy steps – and a whole new world of Instagram marketing will open for you!

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