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How to Tell Your Story through Instagram

Instagram is the best way to visualize your brand and attract more followers to it. This is a platform where different brands can upload their photos and videos to attract their target audience visually.



But to achieve that you need to know how to get more people follow your Instagram account to learn about your brand.


Nowadays Instagram is the best – and the most popular – photo-sharing social platform. Facebook bought it in 2012 for $1, but now its market cap has reached around $35 billion. Instagram also has more than 300 million active users.


This might hint that visual marketing might be a powerful tool to use for boosting your sales.


Companies can use Instagram for informing their customers of new products, offering some insights, connecting with potential customers.


It can also be used for keeping them informed about company news and product launches.


So, how to make your Instagram account worth following?


Three key steps that should be enough to start with:


1. Don’t forget about telling a story



Your Instagram account must have a concept. Besides a common strategy you will need a good story that your customers will be able to relate to. Share photos featuring your products, your team, your customers.


Tell the brand’s story. Visualize it.


Second important step is forming a key brand message you will use in future to connect with both existing and potential customers.


With these key elements in place you should be able to move on.


2. Remember about the hashtags



Hashtags are probably the most distinctive feature of #Instagram. They also are a powerful multifunctional tool that can help you get feedback from the customers, promote your brand and find the potential clients.


3. Make stunning visuals



Every photo you plan on uploading and sharing on Instagram must be of highest quality. Instagram has plenty filters preinstalled – some of them are pretty good – but do not limit yourself to those.


There are lots of editing apps – Photoshop, Corel Draw, AfterLight – that can assist you in making your photos unforgettable.


It is also important that you do not flood your targeted audience with too many photos. One or two a week will be enough to keep people interested and not irritated.


These simple rules will help you to finally establish visual contact with your audience.

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