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How to Promote Your Business via Instagram

Instagram is a social platform for young, active and creative people that enjoys more than 300 million monthly active users.


Receiving the access to such a large social base can be a huge boost to one’s business.


Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to promote your brand via Instagram and use all the possibilities it offers to your benefit.


Nowadays a businesses’ success is hard to imagine without a strong social media presence. However, many brands do not dare to go beyond the Facebook and Twitter.


Yet Instagram with its interface, colorful photos and possibilities for using various filters is a true gift for a brand that wants to be noticed.


With the help of Instagram, you can promote your business, raise the brand awareness, grow your following, find new customers and generate leads.


So how can you get all that? Let us show you:


1. Choose your ad format


While promoting your brand in Instagram, you can choose among three following ad formats:


Photo ads, which look basically the same as regular Instagram posts. With these ads you can promote your brand by telling its story through photos.


Carousel ads that include up to four images at once, making the said story more complex.


And, finally, video ads. They can be up to 30 seconds long.


2. Define your goals


The objectives you are pursuing by buying Instagram ads can be different.


For example, you can raise the traffic flow to your brands main website or get the visitors to install your custom app.


You can also increase the sales with the help of call-to action buttons like Shop Now.


3. Widen your reach


Instagram offers as many targeting options as Facebook, so you can choose who will see the ads you have paid for.


Be sure to target people who are likely to enjoy your product and therefore become your devoted customers.


4. Remember about the photos


Instagram is mainly a photo sharing service, so your popularity largely depends on the quality of the images you are posting.


Make sure they answer all the Instagram demands.


Add some unusual filters to spice up the picture - or even create your own.


5. Post original content


You cannot become successful if all you're posting are photos from different stocks, no matter how good they are.


Being original is the key.


Hire a professional photographer for your brand's photo session - or take your own camera and get creative!


6. Keep your ads relevant


Make sure the ads you are posting are in line with your brand's lifestyle.


It is also a good idea to keep your ads in a similar style so people will associate them with your brand.


Instagram is a source of unlimited possibilities - and they could be yours if you know how to take them.

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