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#Followme: The Supreme Laws of Instagram

To become popular on Instagram you need to follow several basic rules: post only original content, do it regularly, actively like, follow and comment other users, write fun & catchy descriptions for each photo.


These rules, in fact, apply to every social network.


But there are some Instagram-only tricks that will help boost your popularity in this vast realm of photos, looks, food and kittens.


Here are 5 tricks to get liked, followed and noticed on Instagram:


1. Choose the right hashtags


Instagram search is hashtag-oriented, do finding the ones that will get you noticed might be a good way to start. Right hashtags will help you to connect with people that are into the same things.


If you’re not sure where to start, check out the list of the top Instagram hashtags (the list is constantly updated.


Now it includes #love, #instagood, #me, #follow, #cute, #photooftheday.


Choose wisely!


2. Give feedback


The more you like, comment and follow other Instagrammers, the more likely they will be to connect with you. The more you get out of your inner circle – the better.


Liking every photo you see is not enough. You should choose users who share your tastes and interests – then your chances of being liked and followed by them or their friends will go up.


3. Communities are good


Instagram has tons of different communities – choose whichever you like. Engaging in community activities will help you get noticed quickly and acquire lots of followers who will be genuinely interested in the topics you post about.


The more vast and active the community is – the better.


The variety of topics will satisfy the pickiest taste:


Photo features: Photooftheday, Ink361, all_shots and contestgram.


Black and white photography: Monart, Insta_pick_bw and Streetphoto_bw.


Mobile photography: Ampt.


And even more communities out there.


4. Try new filters and editing options


Don’t limit yourself to Instagram filters. Improvise, use mobile apps, professional tools like Photoshop and Corel Draw. Be unique. Don’t be lazy.


5. Get Featured by Instagram


This last one is a matter of sheer luck, for no one knows how exactly Instagram chooses whom to feature. Yet getting featured will bring you thousands of followers per day. A worthy goal, isn’t it?


Following our tips will help you in getting to the top!

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