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Five Tools to Create a Supreme Instagram Strategy

Instagram with its 400 million monthly users is a real treasure for every marketing professional seeking to extend his brand's Internet presence, widen the followers base, and receive more leads and potential customers.


More and more brands realize that fact and head to Instagram in order to make themselves popular, which means the competition rises, and now a brand needs to build a well-thought through strategy to outsmart the competitors.


We want to offer you five simple tips that will help you build such a strategy and get your audience to engage.


Here's what you need to do in order to build a supreme Instagram marketing strategy:


1. Use the fan-generated content


By endorsing the quality content created by your fans you are not only solving the problem of the much-needed page update, but also showing your targeted audience the respect and giving it the attention it desires.


Consider regramming the best examples of content featuring your brand, and it will benefit you greatly - and, which is the most important, boost your sales and widen your reach.


Find the content to regram via the @mentions of your brand, and use it wisely.


You should use this latest milennials' mouth-to-mouth recommendation analogue before your competitors do it. Don't hesitate!


2. Include the link to your main website



The best way to do it is to post the said link in your bio. By doing so, you will be able to easily divert the traffic from your Instagram account to your brand's website.


The homepage is the basic destination, but you can choose whichever page you want people to see the most.


Make sure the page is relevant to the style, idea and main topic of your Instagram account, otherwise your followers might feel like they are fooled, which will likely prevent them from returning to your website ever again.


Turn your followers into real customers with this simple step!


3. Be active


While posting high-quality content is important, posting regularly is even more crucial, as it shows both your brand's reliability, capabilities and professionalism.


Which is exactly why you need to develop a posting strategy and schedule, making sure your account stays alive even during the weekends or holidays.


Facebook doesn't allow to postpone or schedule posts in advance; however, there are plenty of free online tools that will solve this problem for you.


4. Choose professional filters


Photos still remain the key to success on Instagram, so you need to make the most of them. Try starting from using rare professional filters that will help you make your Instagram profile marvelous and inspiring.


With professional filters, you'll be able to fix just about everything: from brightness, contrast and vibrance to color balance, hues and saturation. You'll even be able to shift the focus of the photo in question.


Yet remember to keep the photos authentic - that's what Instagram is famous for.


5. Talk to the opinion leaders


Reputation is a vital element to building a social media strategy, so why not use people who already have a good one, endorse and promote your brand among their vast amount of loyal followers?


Search for the opinion leaders in your niche, explain who are you and what you desire, and then try to strike a deal with them.


Most of the influencers who have their contacts exposed are pretty open to such deals, so you should face no real trouble here.


It would be best if you manage to recruit people who are genuinely interested in your product or the niche at least - then the endorsement will be more passionate and, might we add, feel entirely real.


The business value of Instagram is enormous, and it would be a real shame to miss an opportunity to use it.


Do not let this happen to you: use these five marketing tips and create a killer Instagram marketing presence that will guarantee your brand success, sales and tons of loyal followers!

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