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8 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Advertising Campaign

Instagram is becoming more and more popular every day. It reaches people from all over the world, so it can be a great help for your brand during the advertizing campaign - provided you've built a sufficient strategy, optimized your page, created a lot of useful and unique content, and are ready to work hard to achieve an awesome result.


Instagram is a great platform for promoting one's business and if you want to be successful, you without doubt need to create a strong presence there.


A tiny bit of statistics: experts predict that within the next year the number of business present to Instagram us going to grow twice compared to 2015.


The growth of mobile devices popularity and a row of other trends have also contributed to the social platform's popularity.


What other proof do you need to rush to the computer and start setting up the profile? If you are not present on Instagram, you are already wasting your chance.


Every marketer should know about the possibilities Instagram offers - from the individual targeting to the best analytical data allowing to adapt your strategy easily and swiftly, reacting to the changing circumstances of the modern world.


However, you need to build your own strategy that will allow you to connect with more people, generate leads and increase the traffic flow to your website.


Like any other type of advertising, promoting your business on Instagram demands creativity, strategic thinking, flexibility and hard work.


To build a successful marketing campaign, you are going to need some pieces of professional advice. Here you go:


1. Take time to prepare


Preparation is a necessary step for every Instagram campaign. Without strategy we are nothing, so make sure you have a strategy - and a well-thought through strategy preferably before you start advertising.


Analyze the data you've gathered, determine the popular trends and make sure you are targeting the right audience.


There is nothing worse than selling Barbie dolls to 40-year old single childless man. So keep your eyes open.


And remember that a good strategy is half the victory.


Do not lose your chance to succeed.


2. Tell the story


You aren't simply the product you produce. You are a company with values, with a story, and that story needs  to be told.


Check, whether all images are relevant for your brand.


Learn how does your brand makes people feel, adapt your strategy if needed and get successful fast!


Tell your story, make people relate for you, relive those moments. That is a great way to win new followers - and potential customers, too.


3. Use the opinion leaders


People tend to trust people more then they trust brands. That is why the personalities - especially popular ones - matter so much in social media campaigns.


Try involving opinion leaders and other people who are famous in your niche and who are considered experts in the field.


Make an agreement about mutual endorsement, persuade them, make them an offer they cannot refuse - do everything necessary to make them speak up for you.


One word from opinion leader can sometimes influence your brand's future more than two weeks of precisely planned campaign.


Befriend the opinion leaders and begin your route to success.


4. Think big


To be successful, you always need to see the bigger picture. It's not only about you and your product, and that is why you have to address some global topics, too.


React to the brightest - and the most outrageous events. Make sure your opinion is heard.


Think strategically, not only in the terms of tactics, and in prespective you'll gain a great potential.


Just do not be afraid to think big!


5. Use calls to action


Without calls to action (CTAs) any marketing campaign is doomed to suffer a terrible loss and fail majestically at the moment when you are the most vulnerable.


So remember that call-to-action button is going to be your new best friend from now on.


Add it to your account so it'll be easier for customers to make a shopping decision.


You can include the CTA buttons into the images themselves. That guarantees them the engagement and a high effectiveness.


6. Upload videos


Instagram is not only a photo platform - videos also need a lot of attention since they get much more poplar that day.


And Facebook, which owns Instagram, is promoting its video content like crazy right now. That is why you need to hop on the train.


Use videos to promote events, write the screnario, play a little.


Now or never!


7. Use the ad format


Instagram carousel format is a very useful invention since it diversifies the possibilities to see how your brand's working in action.


Here's how it's better to use Instagram to succeed with your business.


First, start with a bright opening scene. Then put the real information in between (make sure you can prove all the allegations - just in case).


Furthermore, there are a lot online instruments that will help you to make your Instagram experience colorful and unforgettable.


Do not be afraid to experiment on Instagram - that's a first step to success of your brand and the success of your products.


8. Tell, not sell


While it's totally understandable that your goal is selling the product or services that your brand produces, it is obvious that even the most devoted followers will quickly run out of patiance if all you do is promote-promote-promote (and then insist on your followers buying the mentioned product).


With such lack of strategy, you can severely damage your image and lose a great deal of followers that have added you to see the human face behind the business, and all they've got were new adverts. Isn't your city overwhelmed with those already?


Maybe you should go through the so-called soft sell - build relationships with your followers, engage with them and take part in the discussions.


And then and only then proceed to the attempts to try and sell them something. Yet tread with caution!


With Instagram you can engage new followers, raise your brand awareness and your sellsand, of course, make your social media presence much more effective.


We hope these 8 tips we've offered will be a great help for you.


Have you found something that's not listed here but is absolutely amazing? Let us know and we'll react immediately.


We at YBMG wish you merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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